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Had it rammed down my thought at high school and didn't like it a t all. Am more happy riding a bike, playing circiket, boxing

Me, too! I now live over the road from the High School that made me run around the field twice every PE class and they STILL do it! I think it's a lazy way of filling up 20 minutes and I've been meaning to write to the school about it, before my girls start there and also develop a passionate hatred for running.


Running keep me fresh all the day, try to walk first then run!

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Exercise should be fun especially running. If it's a bloody unpleasant experience then maybe you are going about it the wrong way, get some advise. Being a couch potato is self inflicted and people tend to give up too easily. Start slow and build up. It comes down to “how strong is your will power?”


Hmmm running is so not my thing but i will jog for a short while im power walking if i feel a burst of energy while im walking i'll use it to jog for a moment but i try not to run long distances it hurts my joints and being a severe asthmatic it can reek havoc on my breathing.. I like the swimming suggestion some one made though its good for the lungs :)


Due to health reasons I can't run, it makes me feel very unwell. There are plenty of other way to get exercise so I don't think it is a major if you just don't like running.


I have noticed since I have given up smoking.....(8 years now) even a brisk walk/jog/run i dont puff and cough and try to breathe........I feel so much better....no more excuses to why i should run...now its lets go take the dog for a run......get into life...be healthy.....plan healthy


I used to be rather lazy with my exercising but I got into the habit of walking to start with. 5km every second day which progressed into every day. Then I started getting bored and adding in little runs until one day I managed to run the entire 5km non stop. Kinda got hooked after that and really enjoyed it until an accident where I took out my ankle, tendons and shoulder all in one go. I haven't been able to get back into running since then. I think its all really just a motivational thing though, once you get into the habit it can be quite enjoyable but it does take time!


Not a fan of running, used to play hockey, did a lot of running in that but just plain running no! I lift weights but don't do a lot of aerobic exercise.


I try running , start off great then just fizz out, enjoy Zumba a lot more!


I enjoy running. Once you zone out, you'll know why it's so great

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