Discussing :: Running. Just can't do it.


Running is not for everyone it dont feel right for me,good on people that do run,im sure it must just take time to get used to it


I started out by going for long walks and hikes, and after a while found that I wanted to do more and go faster. It is very liberating when you reach a level of fitness that allows you to run or jog without feeling like you are killing yourself to do it. I go at my own pace and really enjoy the feeling of getting a good work-out.


I prefer a brisk walk...its a lot easy on my joints!!


Hate it. Much prefer a walk taking in the sights and smells. Getting home felling refreshed and awakened to the world around me, not ready to collapse!


Fast walking is far better for the joints than running. However, running does burn more calories apparently. I like a mixture of both, ie run part of it, walk part of it.


I love running! an have being doing it abit now the weather is fining up!


Really bad on the joints and if you do run hard out, it is better on the grass and or sand...I prefer power walking that is much better and safer for you...:)


There are loads of guys that do the aqua jogging classes at our local pool, they're always the centre of attention from the ladies in the classes and the smiles on their faces definitely say they're getting something out of it.


Just simply, can't run!!!


I reckon running isn't made for everyone. For a skinny guy with a high metabolism it actually doesn't improve my body and fitness at all. Rather do some more constructive exercise.


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