Discussing :: Running. Just can't do it.


Walking is the way. Plenty to see and at your own pace. Way to go.


I've always been a keen runner. As well as keeping you physically fit, going out for a run is great thinking time, so pretty much a tonic for the brain as well. Trouble is, as you get older, running takes its toll on your joints. Particularly when you live in hilly Wellington.


I used to walk 6km every day and thought I'd try running but had never run anywhere for any reason at anytime in my life. So, I started with 6 lampposts and gained one every day. I now run 4km 4 times a week. It's not easy but after the first 5 minutes things settle down (apparently it's our caveman instincts thinking that we are being chased by sabertooth tigers but once the threat has passed the body relaxes a bit). It's incredibly addictive though and I get antsy when I can't run.


I hadn't run since high. Heading toward 40 I decided to give running ago, started a year ago and would just run from one tree to the next!! One minute on the treadmill, then two and then three!!! Felt like a real achievement, finally up to 10mins. A year on and I can do 6kms!!! Its hard everytime but rewarding. Just start running to the end of the street and then walk a bit till you catch your breath. Then run again.


I used to enjoy it when I was younger but now I either like to stroll and take in the sights or go on a bike ride so I can get further. Far better for my body!


Depends on the person I think. I've been into running on and off but prefer sports on a regular basis to get my fix. Try a social sport that has some running like netball/basketball/cricket/tennis/...


Completely understand I can't run either and yet I can go on long walks and hike and everything without getting puffed but I can't even run for 10 minutes without stopping I think you have to be a certain body type to do it.


I LOVE running, I put on my favourite tunes and after a while the endorphins kick in and I feel like a million bucks.


i can't believe other people can't run either. I walk the dog every day but feel really silly running.


Running is good for the body, but also good for the soul. All that thinking time is a good way to recharge mentally.


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