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Being a non-runner myself years ago l don't believe you, why give up so easy. Overcoming this problem is all in the mind, if l can do it then why not you?


When you are really into running, it's about the sense of freedom, and is really quite a joyful experience. But for it to work best, you have to do it on a regular basis. Good shoes, and some good tunes can make a difference. There are real practical advantages to being able to run fast, and or run far. Be it something you need to run away from, or run towards.


The best place to seriously run is the beach and it doesn't do any long term damage to the joints. The sand acts as a cushion and it is not impacting like our roads, concreted and other ground areas.


Start a training diary-it's the best thing I can do to motivate myself. Record what you do everyday. You will soon find yourself referring back to it. I absolutely beat myself up if I don't run four times a week. Listen to John Kirwan -it's not a physical thing. It's a mental thing. But it helps with the physical thing. Blah, blah. It works though. Don't run with music-some mad bugger will run you over.


Not a runner... love to see the place as prefer the bike and far less impact on the body.


people enjoy different fitness exercises and there is nothing wrong with that... if you dont like running then dont run - do other activities you like - swimming, biking, martial arts etc all are perfectly good exercises i used to do a bit of running along the wellington waterfront and for me its just something I do to relax and enjoy the scenery really... and i know some people run to clear their head and others just enjoy running full stop... everyone is different and you certainly shouldnt feel like having to run if you dont find it appealing...


I try and die lol it jolts my body and lungs too much would rather a brisk walk


You're not alone! Not the sporty-type either so walking is my only "sport" But I do show my support for born-athletes and sporty people so I hope, they don't find me weird or outcast.


Have just started running again. Can definitely be hard when you start. My knees got ridiculously sore for the first week and I was walking around like an old grandpa with a cane. But if you keep at it your body gets used to it and its worth it


I am not into running at all. Can't see the enjoying in it . I'd rather go for a walk.more enjoyable and no rush.

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