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Running. Just can't do it.

I have NEVER understood the appeal of running. Since I was a kid and was forced to do it at school it has always felt horrible and unnatural. I could swim for miles, biked everywhere, skied, hiked, martial arts, you name it. But when I run it feels like I am trying to make my way through cement. Am I just doing it wrong? Am I the only one?

I bet when you first started swimming it took a while to get your breathing right so you didn't get puffed, bet it also took a few weeks or months before you could swim a kilometre nonstop (breathing underwater). Well running is exactly the same you need to breathe correctly so as not to hold onto carbon monoxide and if you do you get the stitch. A lot of runners think about training their heart and legs, but they rarely think about training their lungs, so this needs to be worked on.
Once you get into running you will find it more rewarding mentally and physically than going for a walk. You don't get an adrenaline kick going for a short power walk or a stroll. Adrenaline, your bodies free drug, tap into it. Why do you think thrill seeker junkies do extreme sports.
Running keeps your exercise honest, where as biking if you feel tired you stop peddling for a few minutes. I do both and find running definitely gives the better muscle tone. Like any sport or activity each one has it’s hurdles physically and mentally, l guess it’s all about do you want a challenge in life or a you happy in your comfort zone. Don’t give up, push yourself and don’t let those old people pass you by!

I guess I learned to swim competitively when I was about 10 so I don't really remember it every being difficult. But I also used to run as a kid. Fast though, which is different than jogging.

I swear some people just can't... and I'm also one of them. I don't know if it's really a mental thing, but running just feels dumb everytime I try it. Same here, can walk, bike for ages too.

Jus came 2 terms with it, running is gr8t 4 the entire body and mind. Its 5am here in Uganda and am setting off 4 my morning run.


You could try listening to music on a ipod. I have heard many people like to listen to music when running it motivates them. :))


Try walking then if Running. Just can't do it.

Walking is great. Could walk the length of the country. So you'd think running would be the logical next step :/

Like anything don't give up. I had pelvis injury many years ago, let me tell you that was tough getting back into running. Now do either 5 - 10 km runs on treadmill, much safer than on the road. I find l need to keep active otherwise my back tends to seize up. As l said don't let those old fellas over take you, everyone started on the bottom rung though.


Running keeps your work out sincere, where as cycling if you feel exhausted you quit offering for a few moments. I do both and discover running definitely gives the better muscular tone. Des Moines Boot Camp


each to their own.i love running just gotta work it into the time frame.


Used to run in my youth but prefer a brisk walk these days! Gives you a chance to meditate away from the hustle and bustle of normal life!!!


I love going out for a run. It is time that I can spend totally alone just relax!


It’s too easy to just give up when you find something a bit hard. Sure getting into running isn’t easy so you need to start slow and build up, a little often is all it takes. Even with stuffed knees and a bad back one can still run. l find it gives back suffering some relief, l soon notice it if l miss a few days. Running is a great way to unwind mentally and gives a great sense of achievement. Isn’t life all about challenges, have you conquered any lately? Too easy to sit on the couch. Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up." -Dean Karnazes.


What do you need to run? if you are not training for something that absolutely requires running, why bother if you don't enjoy it. I couldn't run comfortably for a long time after an ankle injury but stayed just as fit cycling, rowing and swimming. Don't listen to the 'pain builds character' losers and go with what YOU feel comfortable with.


I love running too,, need some good tunes on the Ipod a nice day and I'm off!

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