Discussing :: Rehydration - plain water or something more fancy?


Nothing beats good ole plain water, its amazing how refreshed you are after having a long walk and a large glass of water, chilled in the summer..devine!!


Plain water is just fine, many of these so called sports drinks are just chemicals and lots of sugar, who needs it!


Just water it rehydrates and makes your skin fresh


I can't take the taste of plain water so I always add 1 sachet of Vita fresh sugar free juice to give it a little flavour


a dash lemon lime or grapefruit or all


Been drinking approx 2 litres of plain water a day since I got my Fitbit , when the lemons are out I'll pop a squeeze into it for a change. I'd like to use my lemonade grapefruit when there ready but I got put on a statin recently which sucks. I'm on tank water so its not bad water. The best things are the sugar content is nil and it keeps the ol' digestion system on its game, regular is everyday for me now and I reckon its helped my mood, thought it might change my weight but no luck there yet. Energy drinks are a bloody crock and people tend to over use them.


Water with lemon for me yum


H2O is the best. And it's free!


Water is awesome! Free and fresh and it's so good for you. It is easy to put it in a bottle and pop in the fridge :)


I fill up any 'exotic plastic bottle purchase' with tap water after I have finished and chill in the fridge overnight to get the faint taste of the previous contents the next day.


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