Discussing :: Rehydration - plain water or something more fancy?


Rehydration, well to me it's quite simple, water water and more water. All these so called fancy drinks that every sportsman needs is stupid ,just ask any half decent sportsman, and I bet they all say water my friend drink water.


Water is the best for quenching my thirst.


I tried a couple of the Powerade drinks recently but I'm sceptical as to whether they at better at re-hydrating you than water is. I've been drinking more water as a result though as the bottle comes in handy for refilling... that's got to be a bonus!


I don't like the fancy powerade type of drinks - give me a nice cold drink of water anytime!


Water...works best. Especially better for the kids as it won't rot their teeth!


Water is the best! The fancy bottled sports drinks are just a hype to make you buy expensive drinks that you don't need in plastic bottles that the planet doesn't need.


Water - it's free and just as good.


Water is my first go to drink to rehydrate. Sometimes I add lemon which gives it an extra nice zesty taste. I sometimes have a Powerade after a workout :)


Nothing beats good fresh water....and then a nice coffee.


I have never subscribed to 'buying' water unless I have been in a country with little sanitation, then it's a must. My tap water isn't too flash but in a filter jug, & refrigerated it's good to go & tastes perfect.


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