Discussing :: Rehydration - plain water or something more fancy?


Plain water is best. Although an exception to the rule is when your training or when you have been sick for days and need that sugar, Poweraide after vomiting for 8 hours helped me feel almost normal


Plain water dudes. Plain water plain water plain water. Just keepa drinking the water


Stick to water, no sugar and no additives xx


I drink water 99% of the time with just occasionally having a power-aide (powder form, so you can just add as much as you want). I think all the sport drinks really are made for serious exercise when the body needs to replenish the glucose that it has lost. They are effective and do have their place but the high sugar levels mean they shouldn't be used for day to day staying hydrated.


We live in Lower hutt wellington, and for a number of years our water in the taps is the controversial flurodated water, which is a shame, as Lower Hutt used to be on 100% artesian water, from a natural pocket of water underground. Thankfully though, there are two suburbs, where the council have put in taps and fountains, where the public can go fill their water containers, and I must say....these little oasis that are there, get used quite alot, and I can understand why. My partner, who originates from Napier, reckons its the best water she has tasted....ever


Water out of the tap is fine for me!!! The more the better.


water out of a tap aint to great but once you have refrigirated it, its pretty nice!!


Plain water definitely. It's free and good for you!


Drink plenty of water as often as you can.


nothing can beat water for rehydrating. other drinks have sugar and just make you thirstier

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