Discussing :: Rehydration - plain water or something more fancy?


The more water you drink the better, if you don't like normal flat water! Try soda stream and just add bubbles! Don't need flavours!!!


I don't like just natural water so I always add abit of fruit juice to it to give it a bit of flavour.


Plain water is the best for you xx


yup chill in fridge add a slice of lemon or lime yumah


I remember times in Aussie when you've had a tough day and it's still forty degrees the beer was sensational. "Suck me dry and call me Dusty"!!!


Always go for plain water over others.


we are mostly made up of water so it is common sense to only put water in our bodies


Plain filtered chilled water is best - maybe with just a little lemon juice.


I've heard coconut water is quite good for hydration if you don't mind the taste, and you can never deny a good cold powerade :)


Water is the only liquid that quenches my thirst.

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