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Ranks Abdominal Exercises

The following ranks abdominal exercises from highest to lowest in terms of activity as determined by the EMG measures: by Wikipedia

Exercise mean - Activity
1 Activity in rectus abdominis Bicycle crunch 248%
2 Captain's chair 212%
3 Exercise ball 139%
4 Vertical leg crunch 129%
5 Torso track 127%
6 Long arm crunch 119%
7 Reverse crunch 109%
8 Crunch with heel push 107%
9 Ab roller 105%
10 Hover 100%
11 Traditional crunch 100%
12 Exercise tubing pull 92%
13 Ab rocker 21%
14 Pilates (Plank) 14%

Exercise mean - Activity
1 Activity in obliques Captain's chair 310%
2 Bicycle crunch 290%
3 Reverse crunch 240%
4 Hover 230%
5 Vertical leg crunch 216%
6 Exercise ball 147%
7 Torso track 145%
8 Crunch with heel push 126%
9 Long arm crunch 126%
10 Ab roller 101%
11 Traditional crunch 100%
12 Exercise tubing pull 77%
13 Ab rocker 74%
14 Yoga 12%

...can I ask why you had to do a totally new thread for this when you could have just put it in the other thread? that's weird....can understand duplicate threads but doing one just to post this as the answer to another thread?....


Says & Known: The fundamental cause of obesity is not well understood, but is presumably a combination of the organism's genes and environment.

There is a growing consensus that, in humans, central obesity is related to the excessive consumption of fructose.

Other environmental factors, such as maternal smoking, estrogenic compounds in the diet and endocrine-disrupting chemicals may be important also.

I've heard laziness and alcohol are major influences as well :)


i hate ab exercises, but lucky i don't have fat 'sick' looking stomach.


I go hard out abs - jack knifes and decline planks with medicine balls drive the pain right home unfortunately without cardio and all the beer that I vacuum back each week still got a layer of fat that kills any visual results... think February is the go for a detox month maybe see if it that makes any difference coz the next two months it's all on hahah


i've found a godd 1-2 min of sustained reverse crunches, legs raises, full situp with a twist


Steve - funny you mention about a February detox. I recently signed up for an event called Febfast that you go off booze for the month and get sponsored to raise money for various substance abuse agencies across the country.

In regards to the exercises, I still prefer a good mix with some cardio intervals. Even with one session a week supplemented with running and some social sport has really helped me feel better and fitter. However, it hasn't given me any kind of definition (I don;t care about that, but some people might).


I like Hanging Leg Lift, Grab a chin-up bar and hang your body off the ground. Without rocking or swinging, raise your straight legs as high as you can.


My flabdominal needs serious attention.


i got 6 Pack Abs in 6 Minutes at Home VIDEO..., this might help few people here.. have a look....

Thats one crazy ab workout...good find!


usually do planks but will be rethinking that one. great info - thanks for that.


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