Discussing :: Portion sizes and exercise with friends is the key


Portion sizes and exercise with friends is the key



but who think about Portion sizes when you go out no one? like at MCDS or BK haha

..I'm always mindful even when eating take away's though I always choose the healthier options...haven't had maccas in a while or BK in years....but subbies and I are good friends....


I try to think of portion sizes because once I get going if it's there I will nail it!


Well i always try to "exercise" with a friend who has a good portion;-) oops wait we are talking food here huh - in that case I think portion control is important although difficult because a lot of restaurants put far too much on the plate and like most people I tend to eat what's there - exercsing with a friend helps becuase it gives you the motivation to push just that little bit further - unless you are the friend who is trying to motivate the other person! Either way it's better than sitting down and doing nothing............

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