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Piri Weepu - Bottle Feeding Daughter Inappropriate or PC gone Mad?

Not to sure if this is the place to post but, it is to do with a child's health.....I posted this in Chelsey too, but wanted to see what the guys in Frank many who are fathers think about this ....Apparently to some of the pro-breast feeding groups it is inappropriate to bottle feed someone's own child.....Piri was taking part in a Smoke Free advertisement made by the Health Sponsorship Council, it shows a 2 second clip of him bottle feeding his six-month-old daughter Taylor. .....Then the makers of the advert sent it out to a variety of advocacy groups asking for their input which included Plunket, the New Zealand College of Midwives and the La Letche League all of whom disapproved of Piri Weepu bottle-feeding, his child and it was removed, apparently it is not the appropriate message to send, the pro-breastfeeding groups said..... I think it is PC gone mad. Piri has stated that his daughter has chicken pox as well as being allergic to diary among the reasons for why she is bottle feed, not that it is any of these groups business......I think its ridiculous and good on him for saying that no one is going to tell him how to look after his children.....he is a great dad which is evident in pictures and video, when he is with his children.... The Smoke free ad was Piri's way of supporting some family members who have quit smoking and are trying to remain smoke free.....I think he's a great dad..... What do you think? Here's the video http://www.3news.co.nz/Piri-feeding-daughter-inappropriate-pro-breastfeeding-groups/tabid/367/articleID/242012/Default.aspx


Society has gone 'NUTS', it was a smokefree ad. For f**ks sake loads of people can't breast feed for multiple reasons why isn't their representation as important. I say run it, as he is one hell of a role model who could deliver a life changing/saving message here....what is more important???


Yea this is way over the top.I have heard that new born formula isnt even allowed to be advertised for the same reason that its "encouraging" bottle feeding.I know breast feeding is good but in situations bottle feeding is necessary. I say good on Piri weepu and keep it up. And i dont see why they cant be reasonable and show the footage and just put a statement saying something along the lines of why bottle feeding is ok in situations. I have seen people that have a lack of breast milk supply and have tried all the advice given ie expressing, supplements and in the end had to use a combination of breast milk and formula.


how could they even tell that the bottle wasnt full with breast milk? its ridiculous if i have kids id want to help and bottle feed them when my lady was sleeping etc and not having breasts a bottle is the next best option!


PC idiots gone wild.


Definitely a case of the PC police going mad, but good to see that there is a new advertisement on featuring him and his children. Such a shame that it was only after such a battle to have this put on that the ad was reviewed and allowed.


People need to shut up about the whole thing, I'm sooooooooooooooo sick off it!!!! Their is plenty of help out their for mums and more than enough pressure! I'd like to know the % that actually breast feed over not, I bet their is way more than don't!!! and that's for a reason, its bloody hard work.


Those breast feeding groups need to calm down. He is the father and should be able to choose. Some groups are outraged about everything these days.


...he's a great role model for dads....he is always lovingly playing with his children...what a great advocate for Father and child relationships....go Piri....am glad he said, no one will tell him how to bring up his children....and I totally agree....


/sigh People should not be judged for this kind of thing, everyone has the right to choose and they should do what is best for them and their children.

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