Discussing :: Organic vs non-organic.


what we are entirely organic at our house garden and takes maybe 10min a week to keep garden ok no pests to speak of yet and you can get around them with organic options too - ie plant marigolds round your garden as the natural pyrethrum keeps pests at bay.

Exactly which pests do marigolds keep away? I've heard this before and always wondered. What I need is something to keep the cats at bay. I won't bother growing any root crop now as there is just too much shit in the ground (as much as I try to remove it).

yeah i have an organic cat disperser its called hurley he also chases rats too is quite protective of the chickens which is good as well


I thought it's another green fad ... People have been eating non organic food for years with no adverse effects ... might as well start believing the world is going to end next year!

yeah thats a bit like that guy who used to sell glyphosphate (roundup) and part of his thing was how it was less toxic than water and would drink some and now has stomach cancer.

Cancer rates are thru the roof at the moment do you think maybe something to do with the chemicals on our foods? Same as how people used aluminium cook ware for years "with no adverse effects" and now they have found it hugely increases Alzeimers.

or what about smoking? people smoked for years "with no adverse effects" oh no that actually damages us as well.

My Thoughts on it are for much longer we ate chemical free food and that seemed to work well.


well my mother is really going organic as she has started up what i'd say you'd call a chicken farm in an urban back yard & she is going to hatch & raise chickens & keep al the hens to lay the eggs & raise the roosters for dinner. she & my brother just can;t stop talking about the free range!

God, her neighbours are just going to LOVE her!

I wanted to have free range chickens, but then they'll eat the organic veges... And poo. Everywhere.

And if they don't eat organic veges they don't poo everywhere?


Where is this article?

It was in an old edition of time magazine, but there are probably similar ones online. Try googling....


it is all about making people feel better i think. We'll know how much influence our minds can affect our bodies and I guess for some people they may feel better knowing that their food was no way near harmful chemicals and as a result they are more comfortable with the food they eat & their bodies react positively as a result etc etc


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