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Organic vs non-organic.

I read recently that when you analyse the composition of any vegetable grown using man made chemicals, and then do the same to an organically grown sample, that there is no discernible difference. So where does this leave organic? Should we bother? Or is it more about being friendly to the soil than being better for our bodies?


Isn't it largely to do with the residue on the produce? That doesn't necessarily rinse off?


The article I read took a variety of organically grown and non-organically grown veges, liquidised them, then analysed them using gas chromatography. I'm guessing that any chemical residue that wouldn't wash off would therefore be part of the resulting gloop that was tested...

I'd like someone to tell me the answer to this. I'm just too lazy to read and research it and have my own opinion...

Ha! I suspect that Fiona is correct - there will be articles supporting both sides of the argument, depending on the "truth" being portrayed. What's the expression? There's lies, damn lies and then there are statistics...


The level of added chemicals in food we produce in New Zealand is well the world safe level limits. Toxic chemicals both naturally occurring and man-made often get into the human body. We may inhale them, swallow them in contaminated food or water, or in some cases absorb them through skin. Everything on this planet is made up of chemicals. If you're not reading labels in the supermarkets you're probably eating additives that may cause cancer. Best to buy certified organ food where ever possible. I wouldn't trust roadside stalls or markets.


Sure, agreed about the amount of chemicals in our food supply, how much refined crap we are ingesting. But if organic is chemically no different, as this article suggested, then why bother paying up to twice as much for it?


Grow your own is the only sure way & don't spray.


And most of the information you google is biased, or wrong. Look at the people who fund the studies and they'll be the apple and pear board or whomever, who have a vested interest in the outcome. I take a lot of what I read online with a large grain of salt if it just doesn't seem right to me. How can pesticides be put on your food and it not end up in your mouth? Would you eat pesticides? What about just a little bit, like a pinch of pesticide in your coffee in the morning? Not if you could help it.

The article was actually in an old Time magazine at the doctors. Not that print media is necessarily less informed or biased than the internet. Interestingly, it made little mention of the pesticides that may have been present, focussing mainly on the chemical composition of the plant. Possibly bought by the pesticide manufacturers then.....


Agreed on Google though, the entire internet is largely unedited, unregulated nonsense.


aggh typed out a longish message and as i had forgotten to log in its now lost AGGGGGGH where do they go not even the back button will find the old message. Anyway i was watching that show whats really in our food and they did tests and found that there wasnt really alot of difference in organic and non organic veges and you were prob better off eating non organic as it was cheaper so you would be more likely to eat more. My GF did a study on organic food supply and found in germany/denmark that once the demand was higher then there was more supply which then bought the prices down, so now over there its pretty much the same price for organic and non organic. i pick and choose what to eat organic things but a big bit of that is about enviromental practise rather than its better for me the food chain here is far better than the states etc

same happened in the USA. When I moved there organic was expensive. I kept supporting Whole Foods and such stores, and when I left the cost was very similar. Similar situation for other options such as meatless products, dairy free, etc. You just need a large enough population to support the products. And enough people making them that one or two companies don't have a monopoly.


Growing your own is a challenging, time-consuming and ultimately rewarding experience but you have to put the time and effort (and money) in or you will quickly become disappointed. As to no sprays etc- those pesky snails, white butterfly, curly leaf, baggies bulbo, and a myriad of other meddling garden-crashers will surely overcome your efforts to put organic radishes in you fresh garden salad...so good luck.

It would be easier to just incorporate bugs into your diet.


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