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The ocean water in Russell should be clean enough if you happen to swallow a mouth full, but l don't think Auckland inner Harbour would be a very healthy place to hold an event.


Ok, watched the Russell Ocean swim, great event....BUT I didn't get in the water, too cold, rough and wet haha. Swam in the motel pool instead. However, training going good - can now do 40 lengths (about a km) in the local pool, freestyle. Not too bad. BadJoker's comment above..hopefully not going to swallow any water if I can help it!

It's only 1km if the pool's length is 25m


....I prefer a pool more, but actually went swimming in the ocean thanks to the persuasions of my little nieces and nephews...and actually enjoyed it....it didn't rain here yesterday but was really muggie and hot....so was a welcome relief hanging out in the ocean....and the kids loved it to....so great fun to be had


Just following up my thread from last year to say that I did the King of the Bays Step it Up challenge on Saturday - 1000m in 20 mins which is a good time for me. So pretty stoked...and the water was real rough too so made it a bit harder. But challenge completed. Going to give the Paihia Russell swim a go at the end of the year now. Feels so good to set a goal and actually achieve it!

Wow, well done :) I just got back in to swimming after 13 years of non-swimming, just did my first duathlon and Im hooked an remembered the old fit days when I swam and thought I would up the ante to a triathlon next time, anyone know of anything fun happening like that? Im in the good old Christchurch region!

But good work Shaun, plans to do more................???


Sweet good work! and not a bad time for a first time event swim either


Have done the Rangitoto to St Helliers swim 5 different occasion.This is a 4.5km swim.

This was a masters event.It great way to socialize after the swim .Applaud each others accomplishment.

Great swim .

Haven't done it for a long time must retrain and get back into fitness.



I wish I'd seen this thread last week. I just did the Hamilton 5 bridges swim in the Waikato River and it was AWESOME! So much fun (I admit this was mostly due to the frenchman I took with me - Ooo la la!) and it would have been great practice for an ocean swim. A lot of the people competing do a whole series of open water swims.


I'm too scared to Ocean swim, Last time I did some Japenese harpooned me and try to take me back for dinner...ooopppss I mean research. But the meddling Greenpeace protestors save me. Bless!


Ocean swimming - just like work i can watch it all day long.
If the water is warm, temperature hot and the beach-goers hot also, then I'm all in for ocean swimming.

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