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I am going to give the Kings of the Bay Ocean Swim a go in March next year. Can manage 8 lengths of the local pool, thing I have to be able to swim alot more than that! I can swim, but not the strongest swimmer. Does anyone who swims have any tips..especially on long distance ocean swimming?


i use to be a competitive swimmer and the best thing would be to get advice from a coach on your technique.This will aid your effectiveness and efficiency in the water enabling you to swim faster and further. i personally found with long distance swimming most of the work is done through the arms, shoulders and core. work on these areas with additional weight and water resistance training will really produce results. (legs are used for shorter sprint style swimming but use up far to much oxygen for long distance swims)


yeah or go to the beach and swim in chest deep water along the shore line that way you can try work our how long you can go as you use more energy turning in the pool often, long and smooth strokes works best and steady breathing is also a good thing could pay to just get used to being under water and not panic ie just sit under water at the beach get used to waves washing in your face etc


Thanks for your advice Marked & Jabes. I think getting some coaching advice is a good idea so will follow that up. Going up North to stay at the beach in a couple of weeks so I'll have a practice swimming across the beach and see how i go.


...coaching will be your best bet...particularly someone who has coached more in an ocean environment then a pool....or even an off duty life guard...as they are always involved in those elements and they usually give free lessons to kids, maybe you could slip in and get some action with them....worth a try

alot of lifeguards arent really that flash understanding the ocean tho dee dee dont get me wrong some are amazing but alot just seem to think its a fun thing to do hanging at the beach all day and hit on the 16yo clubbie girls! I rescued a couple of surf life savers once was great how many people can say they have done that! Didnt even say thanks

...well we will have to agree to disagree Jabes...my young nephews and nieces along with a group of children their age were given swimming lessons specifically to do with the ocean over a period of 2 months from life savers who were more than happy to give up their time...and both have more than 25 years experience in surf life saving between the two of them and because on a number of occasions I went down to check it out....and they were very informative about swimming in the ocean and various issues that may occur....and I know one in particular who has saved numerous people from drowning cause he's married to my sister....

id still say alot of surfers are alot better in the water than lifeguards. tho prob depends on where about you are, but once again seen a whole lot have to get rescued out west and it wasnt even that big surfwise maybe just over head when standing on a surfboard and they all had flippers on too but the boat needed to pull them in

...well we will have to agree to disagree....because I have seen the work my bro in law and his fellow life savers do including saving surfers and with teaching kids safety in the water, he has worked in beaches around Australia especially Perth and Sydney and here in NZ at Gisborne....regardless I hope they all stay safe and well this summer....

yeah like i said some are good its true but a huge amount aren't. The majority of "surfers" they save are as much surfers as someone who visits Antarctica is a penguin! You only need to watch piha rescue for that to become apparent, speaking of piha rescue the real thing isnt always as exciting as they make out we watched them redo a rescue for the cameras a couple of times :D

...well that's TV for you anything for the money shot!....lol

That's what I hate about reality TV! Well it's one of the many things I hate about reality tv. I saw someone drown once, well actually I didn't see anything until after they had drowned. Still seeing it once in person is more than enough for me.


Swimming is great excerise!


ok, up to 20 lengths in the pool but seriously thinking of changing my entry from Competent to novice...

You will certainly find swimming in the ocean is completely different to the pool, go do some time and distances in the ocean. Remember when it comes to competitive swimming in the ocean you will be banging into bodies and most certainly swollowing competitors wash. Stay calm and breathe from the other side until clear. Good luck, good on you for giving it a go.

yeah i was reading somewhere that a portion of amateur triathletes every race will pull out during the swim as whilst they are physically capable they panic during the kerfufle of the racing and other people around etc Thats why i reckon becoming comfortable in the ocean is key

Swimming makes me realise how unfit I am. I struggle with 20 lengths!

...I love swimming and hope to do a lot of it this summer....been working out to get ready for the summer!.....NZ is always wonderful over the summer.....


Hey Jabes, yes, I had heard the same thing and thats why I have decided to go into the novice section - let the ones who have done it before get away first then the first timers etc go. I heard it can get pretty brutal in the front pack! Going ocean swimming this weekend to test it out so will be interesting to see how I get on...

...try to gauge what the wind and tide are doing as they're big factors in deciding triathlon starting position as they both affect course to the marker. if you hang back off to the side of another swimmer this may provide 'cleaner' water for easier breathing. remember to breathe often as sometimes the waves don't allow you to take a breathe. try to breathe each side if you can to get a better look at course and other competitors.
a trick you learn diving/snorkeling is to touch the roof of your mouth (just behind front teeth) with your tongue and hold it there when breathing. you can use this if you're concerned at sucking water down. it just means you get some warning before swallowing anything.


bit of swell running on both coasts too so will be real interesting!


hmmm, yes, will let you know how I get on. Going to check out the ocean swim event in Russell next weekend (but haven't entered this one). Just gives me an idea of whats going on..then 3 months to prepare for mine.


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