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Nivea Best Brand Ever Guys Must Try Product

Nivea saved our relationship my mans come home from work or GYM and smelling bad. Can tell your man that and his skin was dry from working in the sun. He would come home
want a hug but man smelly I got NiVea mens spray and lotion well he looking good amdahl smells great when comes home. Now he gets a lot of cuddles lol.
So ladies and guys if you have not tryed go get you some make your ladies or guys very happy. :-D


I recon if I had nivea products there for my handsom fulla to use after the gym then yep I'd be able to actually get him to go lol...wishful thinking.


That's cool. They have a really great range out for men. And of course in this week's giveaway. Its a good affordable brand... and I'm glad to see it improves some peoples relationships!


I'm hoping that these very nice looking and smelling products will convince hubby that he needs to take care of his skin a little more than a quick wash of his face with the shampoo in the shower each morning!


Used the Nivea for men brand in the past and had a very positive experience. In particular, I loved the revitalizing face wash and the face moisturizer for tired skin; both felt refreshing after use. Currently using L'Oreal mens expert face wash and moisturizer and after using both the brands I have a slight preference for the Nivea brand. The L'Oreal brand has a very strong scent compared to the mild but pleasant nivea face wash and moisturizer.

For shaving, I am currently using the sensitive shaving gel and a more than 5 year old shaving balm. The chamomile after balm has a very pleasant scent and sensitive shaving gel is just ok (prefer Gillette than Nivea for shaving gels).

However, I don't really like Nivea's deodorant range. I've used the black and white spray and did not quite meet up to my expectations. Every time I used the deodorant I got more powder than spray, despite giving the can a good shake (maybe I sprayed it on too close). I also did not like the smell when it was mixed with my sweat. I found the deodorant made minimal difference to keeping black shirts black and white shirts white.


Yep Nivea is great for the skin


I really like primal earth products - they do moisturisers, face wash and shave creams. They are organic, natural and made right here in NZ. They smell great and are ok for both genders to use so no bathroom squabbles!


my husband always uses Nivea aftershave balm and as for years!

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