Discussing :: New Years Resolutions *cringe*- have you met your goal weight?


New Years Resolutions *cringe*- have you met your goal weight?

My weight has been up and down like a yo-yo this year and you guessed it, im back to square one. I guess the other question is - which diet actually works.

Suggest a supervised session at a gym and watch what you eat and drink, particularly at night. I have lost 15kg in the last 12 months with only 3 visits on a 'cicruit' per week. I am so stoked

@ Jon Well done. i started off well...nek minnit. but seriously thats good commitment. i blame the RWC parties haha


the dont eat so much diet seems to be the most effective! end of day any diet will fail but if you eat slightly less each meal then you will be sweet drink lots of water or green tea in between and you then you will feel fuller so eat less. once your stomach gets used to the smaller portions then you will feel full off them anyways

I like the idea of drinking more water or tea to fight off the hunger pangs between meals. Does this really work ? It would be great if it does.


After meeting last years resolution of giving up smoking I now have to make this years one about losing all the weight I put on after giving up. When I do drink green tea, I do find this helps with not over eating and of course it is not full of sugar.

yeah apparently something is in it that helps burn fat too and helps digest food better so less left over to store


Didnt make it this year so will try again next year,I did try a health companies 'Diet Tea" made me feel so sick i couldnt eat!


...I am just about to my ideal weight for summer, after shaking of that little amount of winter weight gained....that is when I find I put on weight is during the winter season...am pretty good over summer but in saying that there is always a first time to over indulge.....


There are alot of crazy diets out there and the more you try the more weight goes on.


No I haven't met it - but bloody well would like too!! Would definitely give him/her a dressing down - or up (as in my case in dress sizing). Totally overrated and really Last Year!! Life's too short, crazy and stressful enough. Live it, love it and just Eat in Moderation - YEAH RIGHT!


...who actually makes News Years resolutions and sticks to them....that what I would like to know...

haha i've only made 2 resolutions. the other one was to NOT save. On track!


I have pretty much given up and come to accept I am always going to be 'cuddly' (ha ha - that's the nice word for it I guess!). I found I worried about it for years and went up and down. Now I just try to make sensible decisions (and chocolate) and don't worry about living meal to meal. If that doesn't work i find stress and anxiety work at shedding pounds... You look like shit with the extra wrinkles and bags under your eyes but you get skinny...


new years resolution.. never heard of it =P


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