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Mythbuster Eating before swimming

My parents had this saying that you should never go swimming till at least an hour after you've eaten. So far I haven't found out why. Nobody in the family seems to have drowned yet the warning still persists. Has anyone heard anything like this and I am presuming it is a myth that doesn't hold water-no pun intended


I think in theory it is all to do with the fact of getting "stitches," or cramps, which are caused by the weight of a full stomach tugging on the ligaments that hold it in place. Whether or not this is true, it's a fact that a full belly can make any exerciser uncomfortable.... and in some cases can lead to vomiting. So as long as we're not talking about world-record breaking distances, it's perfectly safe for kids to chow down and dive in.


A few times I've developed cramp in my stomach after I'd eaten then gone for a swim, but I think its wise not to eat then swim straight away


I have gone swimming shortly after eating and haven't had any issues. I have known others that have developed cramp, whether it's to do with eating or now who knows. What I do know is, I have taken on board what my parents told me (even though I didn't listen that often) and now make sure my daughter waits at least an hour before going swimming - just in case (-:


I think it is a myth created by our parents in the 50's so that they could eat their lunch in peace without having to watch kids in the water! Eating just before swimming can possibly increase our chances of experiencing exercise-related temporary abdominal pain. This myth really comes down to common-sense about how fit you are, what you eat and what kind of swimming you'll be doing.


I always thought it was 2 hours and think about it before I head in the water. Got cramps once but worked through them. No big deal.


This is a good question. Ive never had cramps from eating, and have always swum after.


I find eating before any significant exercise a no-no. If I eat within 90 minutes of exercising I always end up with a killer 'stitch' and performance goes out the window. Now after exercise...bring on the food and drink.


I leave it at least an hour else I get a stitch.


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