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Mens Health and Well Being.

Great website and good to see someone concerned about Mens health and wellbeing. Even men have to look after their skin, nothin unmanly about it.


Kudos to all the men who are proactive in maintaining their health and well being. Another sign the times they are a'changing, look at the teen boys with their vitamins for men, hair products, good clothing etc. Pride in their health and appearance has to be a good thing right!


yuss this is another good site that is keepin us up to date with our 100 push up challenge


Shhhhssstt, we're men here lets not talk about this.


even thou were men and we want to seem tough were still fragile beings.we need to embrace our health and fitness


We did really find it hard in my family to try and encourage the males in our family to seek medical advice....its like trying to get blood out of a rock with our lot....they just say okay when we get the chance but don't go but miraculously a month ago my older brother had to go and have a full medical because he is being transferred overseas for work and the company is wanting him to get the once over....and everything is great, he is in good health and everything is working fine, and for a guy who is a man's man....he was so happy with it that he encouraged my other brothers and dad to go....and so another brother has been and he is good and my dad has his next week and the others soon after....so we are happy with them doing it...my partner is a bit bummed though because he always goes for check ups and encourages all his mates and family to do it....including mine....I said you should be happy they are going and he said well I just wish it was me who finally pushed them into it....never satisfied....lol


Its well worth it to belong to a mens health group. I;m off to one tonight you can learn a lot about you body and how it functions and be able to discuss any health problems with other guys. Your nearest cancer centre may be running one so check it out. You dont have to have cancer to belong.

...Local public health clinics are pretty helpful too that is where one of my brothers was able to gather information that helped in their decision making.......


yes, got to get those check ups! Don't be scared boys.


I found a lump once — where lumps shouldn't be! The check from my GP was quick and easy, and a subsequent referral to the specialists confirmed it was benign. I still have yearly ultrasound scans, but so far - so good. The moral of the story... don't be afraid of the diagnosis — be afraid of what may go undiagnosed!

Very true Mark. "DONT BE AFRAID OF THE DIAGNOSIS---------- Be Afraid Of What May Go Undiagnosed "
I think a lot of men are afraid of what might be found which will affect their livestyle. Then its too late when something goes wrong. Its best to have your GP do full annual check ups and find out early.


I grew a mustache so I should go get the check up that's what November is all about making us aware o men's health


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