Discussing :: Meat v Vegie???????


I am happy being an Omnivore.


Vegie everytime - eating meat is pretty gross when you actually consider what you're eating.


I think you have to have balance. Red meat gives you the protein and iron needed, and veges also give you the vitamins & minerals essential to good health. Life is all about balance and good decisions.


Well I think each to their own, I personally don't eat red meat, I just don't like the taste and texture. I do eat chicken and seafood. My son is a vegetarian and my other two are meat eaters.


I'm definitely a 'Carnivore" haha but definitely don't feel the urge to eat it daily, we'll have pasta dinners, etc a few nights a week, and plenty of veggies as a side servings, it's all in moderation I guess.


I love veges ......as a side dish! There's nothing like a hunk of pepper steak or a pork chop with crackling :)


Not meat v vegie but meat + vegie for me. Good to have a bit of everything.


meat for men, no exception. Veg only for the ladies is fine if they like but meat still can and should be part of most peoples diets


I find a 4 days of red meat, 2 days of white meat and a day of fish. As long as you have a balanced diet and have fruit and vegetables with your meat I believe it is ok. The issue should be not the quantity but the quality of the meat, small healthy amounts with veges wins hands down everytime, and provides the necessary protein and vitamins.


I love a balance of both meat & vegetables. With regards to my man, he's a carnivore & eats little or no vegetables, (except potatoes & corn). I have to say despite his lack of vegetable nutrients which I think are most important, he is remarkably fit & healthy, I guess after years of practice, your body adjusts to what it's offered.


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