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I totally love vegetarian / vegan food, if I had someone that would prepare my meals I'd gladly forgo meat. It does not consist of lettuce and cabbage only as some may think.


I was a vegetarian for nearly 18 months, and for me, that tired feeling never went away. So, I don't think it is for me. I have maybe one meat free evening meal a week, and I'm fine, but I know if I go too long I just can't concentrate. I know lots of healthy vegetarians, but a lot more unhealthy ones. Chips, chocolate, icecream are often vegetarian friendly. What I'm trying to say is a healthy diet is about a lot more than if it has meat in it or not. And different strokes for different folks.


A balanced diet is the best, but reduce your sugar and salt intake where you can


Trying to get veggies into the man is an uphill battle, my carnivore does meat & potatoes only. He bought me boxes of OXO vegetable stock cubes & quote this is what he said "I thought it would save you cooking veges everyday" I rest my case!


I prefer fish and or chicken to meat myself and it is far better for you too...:)


I can't give up meat (or fish) but I do try to have at least two completely veggie meals every week. Funnily enough, I always feel so much better after those meals.


meat and 3 veggies with every main meal does me, not into any junk food; love sausages or sav's on toast for breakkie


People that say meat is bad have no clue what they are talking about, full stop. Then I can say in the same way that all Kiwis are Rugby fanatics... Firstly if you make a statement like that, are you suggesting all meat (red and white) and all cuts (Chicken breast vs. chicken thighs with skin) are junk? What do those people think our fore fathers lived on? I bet you it wasn't only potatoes and berries!! They definitely ate meat, but would not have been the same ratio right through the year because of various reasons. It is common sense that e.g. Chicken breast is more healthy than thighs or drumsticks because of fat content in the meat and skin. It is also common sense that certain cuts of red meat is healthier than others (ostrich fillet for example has almost no fat, very high in protein, ideal!) Your body needs protein, full stop. That makes your muscles function. And your body needs fat (What do you think does your brain consist of?) If you only eat veggies, what is providing your body with protein? I can assure you kumara and broccoli are not gonna give that. It comes down to healthy fats, healthy carbs, healthy cuts of meat and of course moderate portions on your plate. I am all for meat, but I choose my portions and cuts wisely. Sure I will indulge over the weekend, but I generally monitor what I eat. Careful what you read, do some good research, lots of guys go on fads or 'flavor of the month' type diets, etc. then they make it look like its the best thing since sliced bread. Well done for trying it though, now you know from first-hand experience it wouldn't work for you.


We were bought up on meat and 3 veg and I think it gave us a good healthy start to life. I have carried it on with my family although we do have pasta and vegetarian occasionally!


I agree meat and thress veg is the way to go and its really nice to see more people growing their own veges. I got a raised garden this year and am thoroughly enjoying working in it. Because its not very big its easy to keep on top of.

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