Discussing :: Meat v Vegie???????


I always have about 70% veges, 30% meat. I could go vegaterian but need a small amount of iron


I am vegetarian and can't stand meat so it is a easy choice for me!


I am a chicken. fish and vege eater for over 20 years as I just don't like the texture and taste of red meat. Sometimes I have loads of energy and sometimes I don't....


I am a meat lover always eating lasagne with meat for dinner and only a little vegetables.


I love vegetarian meals and often have when I am out. I would love to become vegetarian but its in the too hard basket. Someone need to make it easier to do. Vegetarian meals are so tasty cause they work hard to make them so as they don't have meat for flavour.


I think you have to have both. I think vegetarian meals always taste like something is missing. But for a healthy lifestyle there needs to be a balance of both veges and meat.




Like some of the other posters in the 'Meat vs Vegetarian' debate, I like both. I eat quite a bit of meat, but then there will be the day or days when I give my body a bit of a break and have a mixture of vegetables, rice and so on before returning to my more carnivorous ways = I hope this variety keeps my digestive system happy and functioning. Must go - I've got the Christmas ham to prepare! :-)


I think a balanced meal is more important eat healthy foods or not, it is all based on choice, some like to eat meat others don't but just be happy in what you have chosen to put in your mouth after all its your body that you are fuelling myself I like a well balanced meals doesn't necessary mean I will have meat 5-6 times a week as like as my portions are good and there is a variety on my plate then i am happy


You really need a combination or balance over the week. Can't just sit down to a plate of meat but if not well can certainly eat fruit and veg.

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