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Meat v Vegie???????

I would be interested in other peoples ideas/thoughts on this topic, I'm a meat eater, no doubt about it, have always found I seem to get more energy, vitality eating as much meat as I do, BUT!!! get told by friends, see in magazine articles, etc how bad it is supposed to be to eat meat full stop. Well I tried eating a fully vegetarian diet for 30 days, (about 3 months ago), and blow me down, I lacked energy, was easily tired, and basically felt like a V8 that someone had pulled the sparkplug leads off 4 sparkplugs, I kid not!! SO?? is it a matter of what your body has grown up used to? or is it we are all made up differently? or is it something else apart from those 2 things? Any thoughts greatly appreciated ps: I personally think it may be because of our genetic makeup, maybe we are different??


I think a mixture of meat and veges is great - giving us balance and all the vitamins and minerals we need. I have been cutting down on meat (and dairy) for cholesterol reasons and haven't noticed a drop in energy. My partner has been a vegetarian for 24 years and has more energy than anyone I know. She takes iron tablets to make sure she's not missing out on it.


I would think that your body has to adapt to the change in diet, Our systems enjoy routines and feed off the food that we input so if you suddenly changed to a vegetarian diet when you were predominantly meat before, its no surprise that your body gave up, It didnt know how to digest it properly. I believe that what we eat has a huge effect on our energy and some people's bodies just learn to use what is given to them. Such as a huge sugar diet or fats. Vegetables or meat.. Moderation in everything is key. Dont go full on into one type and minimise the other, then change to the other and restrict what was a big factor previously.. My wife and i always have vegies with our meals, Sometimes Diced chicken with salads, Especially in summer. I remember when the traditional kiwi meal was Meat and three vege.. Any vegies, it didnt matter, as long as there was three types on the plate it was all good...


To be honest - a bit of both. I would find it very challenging to forego meat, particularly a good steak, but I have the utmost respect for those that do.


I go both ways (with the food) sometimes I eat alot of fruit and vege and can go without meat throughout the day but I have to say if I just have salad or vege for dinner I never never feel full, regardless of how much I have. My brother in law is a vegetarian and I respect that that's his choice just like he respects we eat meat.


I eat meat but always love the opportunity to have a vegetarian dish as a nice change. Falafel is great! Please get rid of all that annoying spam posted up on the blogs.


I think it has to be a bit of both and anyway most of us can't live without any meat. Buy good quality meat and apply good portion control. Iron from the meat and all the vitamins and minerals form the veges. It is much easier with the veges in summer as there is so much fresh variety. One other thought - a kitchen with a nice piece of meat cooking - the aroma amazing. Can we say the same for veges?????


Balance is always the key. Even if you're a meat-eater most of the time, make sure you balance it out with enough veges... and that's not just fried potato chips!


Its really good to be able to keep it even, a good portion of mean an good portion of vegies.


Trying to strike a good balance on your plate I aim for 1/4 Protein,1/4 Carbohydrates and 1/2 Vegetables,But that suits my Lifestyle.

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