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Feeling like crap with the manflu, just crept up on me suddenly today. But I've been feeling signs of it for a while now.. what's your best manflu relief tips guys?


Best way of distinguishing between flu and a cold? Imagine you're in your house and you see a fifty dollar note sitting outside on the back lawn; if you go outside and get it you have a cold; if you can't muster the effort to go outside and get it you've probably got the flu.


Yep manflu is real and it is crap, i can vouch for that.


If manflu isn't real it must be a mass hallucination.So many men suffer from this that it must be an epidemic, also it must be a lot worse than the flu that women get because they seem to carry on regardless but men are bed bound with the manflu :)


Manflu is a killer, women will never understand.


Manflu ,hmm now let's see it's worse than any flu a women gets,yep totally bed ridden,can't do anything,needs a ton of sympathy, and when a women gets it,she just has to carry on as normal,hmm what's there to understand,men are just big babies when sick wanting their mamas .lol


Best manful relief tip - a wife! One who will pass you the remote control and provide a constant stream of drinks and treats without mentioning the word MANFLU!


Best you keep away from us all, we don't want to catch your contagious infection. My best tips for you are to keep warm inside and find yourself a wife if you don't have one already... haha.


Eating healthy fruit and vegetables will help you to recover quickly.


thankfully, I dont get the flu much, but when I do, it tends to be the man-flu, which would be every 3-4 years. Ive found that any chinese food with ginger, honey etc tends to be good for food, but also, cup of tea consisting of a tad of fresh chopped ginger, honey to suit taste, tiny bit of fresh chopped garlic, along with fresh lemon juice, tends to help combat. I tend to do alot of cooking with garlic, ginger through out the winter to keep ahead of getting the flu....seems to work for me

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