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Looking After your self and being happy best ever

I go walking every day fresh air and drink lots of water... I think everyone should do this It makes you feel so Great. Lots of Yummy fresh food.... Trying your best is the important thing. Be happy....


We're all at different stages so prescribing something general like more water or walking might not be what will make us 'happy'. I don't deny that these activities are beneficial but think that there is more to happiness than these two things. I do agree with you that if you want to look after yourself that you should drink water (not too much coffee either) and do regular outdoor things (including walking). My view on looking after yourself is that you should be in a place you choose to be. A place you're comfortable and with or without company. You might pursue a book, tinker with an engine, catch up with an old friend, anything you choose.


Being happy is all part of looking after your own mental health. Don't forget to check in with our friends and family, sometime depression can go unnoticed until it's too late. Nothing like a holiday away to help you unwind.


Part of looking after myself was to give up drinking soda. I developed hyperacidity when i was young and whenever i have attacks it was too painful for me to handle so i decided during my teens to keep soda out for good! I know we can do a lot more to keep ourselves healthy and fit but we need something to happen or someone to motivate us to do such a thing. If we only have the INITIATIVE to keep ourselves far away from things that are destructive for us then we will all be healthy and happy!

Thanks for sharing. I have noticed recently that sometimes I'm more cranky after having coffee and believe that the first step in changing some of these destructive habits is observing them.

I know that coffee isn't great for me but still turn to it by default as my hot beverage of choice. So that's one thing I'm trying to change bit by bit, but still have to find another alternative to make it work. Water is ok but sometimes I want something that isn't as fiddly as tea.

Another area of stress I've noticed in my life has been certain people. They can be very draining and when I had the chance to spend some time away, I was surprised at how much more energy I had. That's another thing anyone can try to be in better health - minimising time with those that stress you out.


Have tried to stop coffee and tea intake as much as i can and found it helps my sleep quality for sure, i've also been trying to use tech to keep me motivated to exercise,treadmill at snap uses nike + so i've been taking my ipod and downloading my runs onto website and hitting goals...its great. just haven't been able to make myself start doing weights yet, got some kettlebells but no joy with them yet :-) doing an hr on the treadmill definitely cleans out the stress.


DON'T STRESS people it's not worth it =)


Who is best to look for ourself, but US, it is our one only body and mind and soul, the temple of our being, it is our gift from our Creator....what a best way to keep it healthy is a healty way of living... and keeping ourself happy will be the best way to keep young and fit ever... Live Life, Love Life, Laugh Life!!!... Cheers!


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