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Little and often - the safest way to drink?

Much of the health advice that comes out from research studies or Government-sponsored campaigns is confusing and conflicting. None more so than advice on 'safe drinking'. We all know that binge drinking is likely to be bad for you, but all 'wellness screening tests' mark you down for subscribing to the maxim of 'little and often'. Unless you have at least two alcohol free days a week, so the advice goes, you might as well be going on a bender. What do others consider safe?


I consider the following: i don't drink at home unless special occasions, and only have one or two when i go out. i have the odd big night but that might be every 2 months


We mainly drink on the weekends so not too worried about that. Would rather that than 1 every night.


We are only sociable drinkers but will have the odd one here n there at home.


None and never.


I think there has to be some personal responsibility with 'safe' drinking. Some people shouldn't drink at all - eg people on some medication and children (obviously), so safe drinking for them means no alcohol at all. The big thing with 'only one' drink a day is - are you becoming reliant on having that drink every day after work/dinner (whenever)? Could you go without it? When the answer to that is no, then it is no longer safe drinking.


When and how much is more like it.


How about little and less often? There are so many people out there that abuse alcohol and they need to stop acting so immature. I can't believe some people can't recall what happened the night before - what's all that about? No matter how much I've had to drink I can recall every little detail. The safest way to drink would be to not drink at all. The majority spoil it for the rest of us.


Having 2 bottles of red wine between two of us a week, I don't feel is excessive Aside to the health benefits, I'm not about to be guilt tripped into thinking it's going overboard. Besides, having fruit & vegetables in my fridge always takes priority in my budget.


Too regularly can be habit-forming even if not alcoholism...the 'health' value of drinking is a bit of a red herring but each to their own...


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