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I need about 7 1/2 and force myself to go to bed early even though I think I'm naturally a night owl. Otherwise I eat too much to make up for the lack of energy and I get grumpy. I think it's the quality of sleep that makes the difference so we have black-out curtains, comfy bed, no screens in the bedroom and no cats!


I find splitting my sleep works well. I have about 6 hours at night. Then 2 hours in late afternoon. Too much sleep at night makes me feel groggy.


I attempt to get 8 hours but generally wake up 2-3 times in the night and have trouble getting back to sleep. I've been sick for 2 weeks so have been sleeping like the dead which is something I suppose.


Anyone else find it more difficult to sleep on a Sunday night, when work beckons the following morning?


I wish I could get a decent sleep but with kids that always wake in the night and then one wakes early and wakes me!!!! I'm not really a fan of sleeping during the day, makes me feel worse!!! Should really just go to bed earlier!!!


I have major issues with sleep and getting enough of it. I never wake up feeling any less tired than when I go to bed. It's terrible. I think I'm going to have to pay out for a sleep study - and that sounds expensive!


I used to sleep poorly due to anxiety but after finding the right medication I now sleep well, makes a huge improvement to the quality of life.


Having two boys 7 and 2 I never get a full nights sleep they wake through the night, it sucks and is wearing us all down.


Gotts get your kip to have some zip - need more than I used to; or was it that I was young and cocky compared to now older maybe wiser


Gotta get my 8 hours sleep else a wee bit grumpy.

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