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Keeping The Weight Off

I dieted on Weight Watchers a year or so back but I ended up falling back into bad habits and regained the 20KG's that I had lost. Every time I go to restart my weight loss journey I feel like I'm getting nowhere and give up soon after. It doesn't help that I can't afford the gym or like running or walking. I play basketball once a week, as I enjoy sports, but I'm not fit enough to commit to anything other than that. Does anyone have any hints or tips to kickstart weight loss so that I can feel like the first few weeks are really worth it? If I get the weight off, any hints or tips to keeping to that regiment.


With summer on its way, The weather should be perfect for swimming or Walking. Start off on a short walk everyday and progress upwards to longer and longer distances. What i used to do on runs was to head down a main road and keep going untill you have covered a considerable distance than turn back and head home. This stops the easy routine of a loop course and it forces you to push yourself because the further you walk one way means that you have to do it again to get backhome. Just remember to keep hydrated and dont eat heavy foods that will cause your stomach to work overtime to digest, Keep it light and easy. It is hard to keep motivated but just remember what your goals are and take it step by step. Write down your goals and have them somewhere to remind you.. The end result is what we are trying to acheive, Not a quick fix Exercise and Healthy living was ever going to be easy, But it will be worth it..


Anthony, you said, Does anyone have any hints or tips to kickstart weight loss so that I can feel like the first few weeks are really worth it? If I get the weight off, any hints or tips to keeping to that regiment. I dont mean to be so blunt but stop putting food in your mouth. That will work every time. And to keep it off, do this. Continue to not put food in your mouth. Its about portion control. I did it. Wasn't easy but now I'm used to it. I lost 10 kg in 3 months. Taking it off slow is the key to not putting it back on so quick.


I'd say routine is the most fundamental. Maintain a solid routine of exercise, and health eating. Everything can be eaten in moderation. Yet some things are better then others. Research metabolism boosting foods such as oats and almonds. Have your 6 meals, and know that different exercise will help you in different ways.


Start smoking - ha, only kidding. My weight has fluctuated but now I am at a good weight if not a bit flabby. Need to get rid of the nicotine habit now though, that isn't so easy for me.


keep moving. walk / run / swim . keeping active is a great start. if you don't play a sport go for an early morning walk or run. Cycling is also a great calorie burner. watch the food you eat. have takeaways only as a monthly treat. eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. watch the amount of alcohol consumed as it packs the weight on. drink plenty of water.


All it takes is 30 minutes per day, first thing in the morning is best, gets you pumping for the rest of the day!!


so much easier said than done. walking is my thing - love it


Im active all day. i hate sitting around doing nothing. no wonder im so trim :)


I had trouble when I was dieting for dieting's sake. I've since found activities that I enjoy doing. Boxing's great when I'm feeling stressed. I love going to the beach and swimming or just jumping into the waves. Cycling is a great way to see different areas. I've also worked on focusing on what I'm eating. I try to make a conscious decision: is the thing I'm eating actually tasty? I used to eat heaps of really rubbish things because they were convenient. When I sat down and thought about it, the value of the flavour wasn't really worth the cost of the calories. I don't do it all the time, terrible cupcakes that are well decorated always trick me. But more often than not I find myself eating better.


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