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Is winter making you SAD?

Here we are in July and the in deepest gloom of winter. The days are chilly, and often wet, with sunlight at a premium. So is winter making you SAD? SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder and is caused by reduced exposure to light over the gloomy winter months. Common symptoms include a tendency to oversleep and over eat, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating and withdrawal from normal social activities. While mainly associated with winters in the northern hemisphere, it is not uncommon in NZ. Light therapy is a common treatment, with extremely bright lights substituting for the lack of sun. If you feel you've got a touch of SAD during these short days, spare a thought for some of our Nordic friends who can go for months over winter without the sun making it over the horizon. While it feels a bit like that in Wellington at the moment, take heart - spring is officially only seven weeks away!


I actually enjoy winter . Having the fire going making and eating homemade soups to keep warm.....mmmmmmm. snuggling up in bed and sliding on the ice ahhhh winter is awesome. but to answer your yes winter makes me sad , if sad means spectacular ,awesome and delightful


You could curl up with a good book and a cup of your favorite hot drink/soup. Maybe go to bed early, either For play or to watch a movie. If you live down south you could even build a snowman, got to be some fun and games there. I could be worse, you could own a Lada in Russia


Its always hard at this time of year, seems like winter is never going to end. I've booked a holiday on the Gold Coast at the end of August so looking forward to going somewhere warm. Summer is coming, just seems a bit far away!


Well it's not exactly a winter from hell. Daffodils are blooming in the back lawn and the hubby has a glow on the dome after mowing the lawns. Cold nights are good for a snuggle and some rumpy-pumpy. Summer on the other hand......


....considering what else is happening around the world and we just came back from the US....I am loving the colder climate....nothing like a nice warm fire....


Hey no time to be sad. I have to fit so much into the daylight hours that by the time the suns down i appreciate the warmth of the fire (Chopping the wood is good exercise) and a good hearty dinner and hopefully a spot of humor on the telly.


Do i love summer? Yes i do BUT winter is a part of life so we should make the most of it. I have always loved the warmth and heat of summer and warm climate. 4 years ago my partner and i moved to Taupo which was a huge drop in temperature. I have totally climatised to the colder weather. I would never move from taupo now, i just love it. Yes the winter's here are freezing but you just wear extra clothes, we have a beautiful lake, gorgeous mountains, snow, veiws to die for, we enjoy nice hot fires, soaks in the hot pools, snuggle up and watch dvd's. I live in my hugg boots too. I can actually say that i do like winter now. So the answer to this question is NO winter does not make me sad at all.


Winter isn't making me SAD but it sure is making me sick with the cold and that means loss of income while I lay in bed and a lack of energy to do anything productive.


Definitely more up and down. Hate getting out of bed in the cold, and work trips in the dark... but we've had some fantastic sunny days spent down the beach which are made extra special as I know we have just been LUCKY!!!!

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