Discussing :: Is the ab-circle pro very effective?


Cheers all for the advice and tips


I do the same thing lying flat on my back with legs bent and feet on a swiss ball. Back flat and add some weights your ankles - roll gently side to side with arms out flat. Looks like the same exercise to me only my AB's swiss ball was $20 from the warehouse!


No I don't think its very effective as I read somewhere that it doesn't work so their advertisements on TV were removed

Yeah that was due to something they had written in their advertisement some of the wording and the product was removed until the corrected the information in the advertisements....apparently the wording was misleading and incorrect...they had a report about it on TV ONE's Close Up a while back.....


Yes, I shouldn't imagine that a product not working would stop it being advertised on tv, there are literally thousands of crap, ineffective products being advertised all the time.


Have you not seen the people on the infomercial? It must work! haha I've actually had a go on an ab-circle pro and I didn't really rate it ay. I think using a Swiss ball for ab exercises is much more effective.


Yeah I enjoy using the Swiss Ball for toning my stomach, the stink thing about the ab circle pro is if you're too heavy it's likely to break - like my sister's did when she first tried it.

...yeah its because the weight is the resistance...my bf uses it but he doesn't use it alone to tone his abs...he uses a combination of things.......he doesn't think by itself it is effective...

are you saying your sister is rotund?


I trialled it about six months ago and sent it back. Thought the idea was good but had an issue with the brace holding the two knees pads together. It kept coming undone when used fast. Thought the clip was cheap. I see there is a new improved model out now, maybe better.
Funny thing was when l rang up to send it back, l was offered it at 50% of the original price. Still declined. Maybe a way to buy it cheaper for someone.

...yeah they were not able to advertise it and had to stop selling the product until they made changes to it particularly around the claims of what the product did....the pads probably had something to do with it as well.....


i used it and did get results but found i got better results doing push ups, sit ups etc


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