Discussing :: Is the ab-circle pro very effective?


Is the ab-circle pro very effective?

I have a few kilos to lose around my gut area, is the ab-circle pro an good way to do this?

I have tried the Ab circle pro, I found that it really does work..if you use it twice per day exactly 3 minutes each time.
I lost 7 kilos in 2 weeks which is brilliant, But you must note that in order for the Ab Circle Pro to work for you..You must also combine it with a good diet! But as they say some things don't work as well for some as they do for others, but it is definitely worth giving a go!

have shares?


Any ab exercise is gonna work. Like big Ronnie coleman says "ain't nuthin to it but to do it" there's two options if you ask me go hard and do your old school crunches plus watch what you eat or.... grow a really hairy bush on your tummy so no one can see your one pack.


Sure! It's just 3 minutes a day and you'll look like Adonis in 3 weeks. Oh.... hang on... that's the TV ad. A friend of mine bought one of these last year. The 'computer' that came with it gave up the ghost within a week. Then the rollers literally wore through the red fibreglass circle bit within 6 weeks and finally the machine collapsed completely a couple of weeks later. Avoid.


not only will you lose weight just by buying it women will follow you around enamoured with your new found abs and thats before you even use it. Once you use it then it will be like odin parting the heavens with a thunderbolt of power straight to the abdominal region. apart from that i dont really know, eating less and doing more would prob be a cheaper option

And one that might actually work. Sorry it doesn't help much Aaron.


(I saw the picture below and quickly realised something was very wrong so I then decided to write a infomercial) Don't worry about the AB circle pro..... If you are serious about getting a six-pack of chiselled Ab's and if you are too fat and lazy to spend hour after hour after hour doing sit ups when you could instead be at the beach slaying the sexy-bikini-clad-ladies this summer, then Abdominal Etching is for you. Abdominal Etching is so simply, just pop into a clinic and get this precision liposuction, where the doctor sucks the fat from your potbelly, revealing the abdominal muscles that lie underneath. This procedure sounds just like winning the Nigerian Lotto, too good to be true, but this time it really is! Save time as there is no need to waste 3 minutes a day working out, that's crazy talk!, on the ab-circle pro and also Save money by washing your clothes on your rock hard washboard Ab's! For just 10 easy payments of $1000, We'll have you looking like Peter Andre, minus the cheese, in no time at all! BUT WAIT'S there more......book a appointment now and we'll send you a can of Jersey Shore instant bronze tanning spray. and be one of the the first 500 appointments and you'll also recieve a copy of Peter Andre's Greatest Hit...ooppps I meant Greatest Hits! So what are you waiting for? Bust out that credit card and you'll be singing Mysterious Girl all summer long.

Hahaha that is awesome!

That is one scary pic. Please tell me this was achieved using Photoshop?

sorry Jason the photo is real. The bloke name is Darryn Lyons, (UK big Brother) so google him with the word ab and it's (Abdominal Etching ) sadly all true. I obviously made up the rest of the infommercial as Peter Andre isn't cheesy! Unfortunatley he probably won't be the last to use it.

So let me get this right. These are actually abs, made from fat?

reads/sounds like they just suck the fat from you Abdominal area and and to highlight the ab's....I'll let you know next week after my appointment hehehe.
Just remember in every fat boy there's a skinny boy trying to get out (and nail some Hot looking women)


they key to getting abs is all about your diet. It is possible to have a strong set of abs but have it covered by a layer of fat. if you can do exercise such as running, that will be the best way to shed weight and discover your abs


have to agree somewhat to what Steff S has posted about the ab circle pro it is all in the diet in combination with exercise....my boy friend has an ab circle pro and has a nice six pack...but I know how hard he works to maintain it...he does run, but he also does a lot of jump rope, boxing and resistance and weight training....he came up with a plan that suits him and has been working well for him...he tweeks it to suit...but is very motivated...I also have my own plan but not to the level he is doing...but he has motivated me enough that I have added other exercises to mine...


One thing about many of these machines on the market is if you are seriosly overweight or just plain heavy- sorry "big-boned" then the stresses may be too severe and the unit fails- a pain to get warranty replacement sometimes too. Eat and drink less and cardio your ass off- no pain no gain.


An easy non scientific way to check which ab machines work. Check Trademe and if you see dozens on there....they probably don't work or the owner wouldn't be getting rid of them. Or maybe the owners were just lazy? Either way, they gave up and sold it!

I'm always weary of purchasing things like sporting equipment of Trade Me....but I agree with your approach if someone was to buy equipment this way.....that would be a good way of finding out whether it is what you are wanting...


Good thing im not a fat person then... just wanted to firm up a bit before i get married at the end of November

Then something like regular swimming together with some home based routine would be a great way to go. 20 each of push ups, crunches, burpees and lunges every morning when you wake, taking it up a couple every few days as your body responds. Like Steff S says, it's actually more diet related than exercise, however, muscles burn through more energy than fat (which doesn't), so it makes sense to build these up at the same time. If you're getting married in a month or less, I'd start today. NOW!


If you use any of these ab things regularly, they are probably going to have some sort of benefit. Just be vigilant, and if you enjoy doing it - it's always a good motivator. If you find it awkward or downright stupid - you probably are just going to put it away somewhere to collect dust. All the best with the up & coming wedding too.


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