Discussing :: Is sex really the same as running a marathon?


Is sex really the same as running a marathon?

I've heard it said that the same exertion is put into both activities - but is it really? I think not. I've never run, nor wanted to run, a marathon so I have no idea of the energy required. But I have seen what the runners look like afterwards and I think they put a bit more into it than the average roll in the hay. I'm not talking about the Olympic-class, multi-positional shag-fest sometimes undertaken (although I still doubt it would really match up to running a good distance) by active couples. I'm talking about the regulation romp. I wonder just how many calories we burn, how many kilojoules are worked through, how much energy is expended in real terms. And just because sleep sometimes comes afterwards does not mean exhaustion. Personally I am always left hungry... generally for toast. And a cup of tea. Each to their own.


No way. No where near. How many people do you know who have the energy and strength to run a marathon? And how many fat slobs can have sex? I rest my case.


...are you for real?...there is no comparison...I have been with guys who were athletes run marathons played rugby and rugby league and no amount of running compensates for a good rightful shag! the two are totally different in context...I'd rather burn weight doing the do...instead of pounding the pavement....


Quite obviously not, one involves running shoes the other doesn't! i think it maybe to do with heart rate....i know which one gets it up faster..lol

But can you keep the heart rate up in the fat burning zone for 20-40min?

....yeah males can you....lol......that is the million dollar question....:-)

Jonesy, you got to be dreaming mate!


....oh no problem....just keep thinking "ugly baby, ugly baby, ugly baby....."

...that is so wrong and twisted in so many ways...lmao!


you could try picturing helen clark naked playing lawn bowls....

...perish the thought......and pass on the visuals...


I have just started running and it's bloody hard work. Everyone running past me looks red faced and is sweating like a pig - and I must look the same. My shagging is simply not that energetic!


So it seems there is a division here. And lets face it - the women always say the men cant keep up - but its not so much fun for anyone having a right royal long shag when there is no heart in it. Or good lube for that matter. Maybe we need to think of the exercise session at the gym versus a good sex session. Do they come close? In exertion I mean... I once had sex in a sauna and it was pretty... hot. But I was at peak physical fitness and much younger then. I have also had solid sex just prior to playing sport and really noticed the energy drop. So there is some serious energy being expended in the sack for sure. Just not too sure how much.... not that it even matters! All food for thought.

so do you think you could play sport after running a marathon? if not then its obviously not as much intensity

so do you think you could play sport after running a marathon? if not then its obviously not as much intensity

...who doesn't put there heart into a good shag...most women would hope it lasted longer than a few minutes......I would never think of a gym session over a good romp even a mediocre romp....to me that is just ridiculous talk....why do you have to be at your physical peek and younger in order to have quality sex....I have had sex prior to playing sports on a number of occasions but I still played my arse off, energy is used daily it is how we choose to use it that is the key....and if I had to choose running a marathon or getting it on....well then in my personal view my pick is certain....

Well said, here here. If you put the effort in to what ever you do you will certainly get the most enjoyment. Certainly being athletic helps.

but its still not the same intensity.

...that intensity depends in my personal opinion when it comes to shagging based on the two involved in the act....of course marathon running in intense...no one could ever question that but I think both acts are two totally different intensities....but that is just me......

true true and as you say what is a better way to get your 20 plus play a day tho girlfriend is in the south island so im missing out!

.....lol nevermind Jabes am sure you and your girlfriend will make up for lost time once she is back......

Ha, remember Jabes its like running. "Push Play" and then pace yourself, but remember to leave something in the tank for the back straight!

oh i havent had any complaints haha

sauna sex, what were you trying to do give your man a roasting? i'm married and don't even need a sauna to get one of those...lol


At the end you will be shagged doing either, a marathon takes a lot of guts and determination to complete. Sorry running is much harder.

Seeing the some of the ladies my friends have been been with would have taken 'a lot of guts and determination to complete' too!...lol

...most guys wouldn't complain they would think heck at least they are getting some....lol


It is a high intensity work out that uses a lot of energy in a short burst like sprint training. But in saying that I dont lose lots of weight when I get it on a high frequency :P

Yes Rong you are correct. Look at marathon runners you will see athletic they look.
Now look at everyone else who has sex. Notice any difference in size? I rest my case!


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