Discussing :: Is hiding Cigarettes in shops going to stop you from smoking?


Is hiding Cigarettes in shops going to stop you from smoking?

I'm all for helping people to stop smoking, but is hiding the packets going to help stop people that are already smoking, from buying them? As a smoker myself, I have a particular brand and I know exactly what I'm asking for and where to buy them. Plus, as they are alreay hidden from view in shops, what difference will making all the packets a plain white colour the exact same as each other going to help?

I agree with this - I don't think it will make much of an impact as those who already smoke already know where to find them. And it isn't as if supermarkets or other shops currently advertise them a lot anyway - they are mostly hidden from view in the supermarkets where I shop at - I never actually see them, in fact. So whether it will help, maybe but maybe not. But then again, what's the hurt in trying. It's not like it would hurt to try.


I don't smoke when I'm sober but every time I have a few drinks I suddenly need one or more. It is an evil compulsion that I haven't been able to shake and concealing cigarettes from view in shops hasn't changed anything.


I work in a liquor store, and although I don't smoke, people are just treating it as a joke the whole new law thing. Customers laugh about how they have to try and guess what smokes we have and the prices etc. I have seen a little bit of a drop in terms of ciggy sales, but not a huge one..the most annoying thing i suppose is having to cover up the cigar display which people barely knew about to begin with!!! They need to consider little things like this before passing laws like that...thats my opinion anyway! :P


I've been a non-smoker for 3 years now. i still dream about it, crave it and want it so badly. If i drank more often i would probably have broken the vow i made to my purse to buy another packet and smoke it regardless of the packaging and wherever its hidden. the addiction is not in the eyes, hiding it doesnt stop the craving or the satisfaction that only a smoker will understand.


I used to smoke but quit 7 years ago. to be honest i dont really even notice the cigarette displays so having it hidden wont make much of a difference to me. I think most people who want to smoke will continue to smoke despite them being 'out of view' and if your standing behind someone who orders cigarettes you still end up seeing them


Na. When I'm going to the shop for smokes, I'm going to the shop for smokes


I have been around smokers and advertising my whole life. I am not a smoker. That is a personal choice i made. Hiding cigarettes will make no difference to those already addicted to fags. Do the powers that be really think that having to ask for a packet and having it handed over in a plastic bag is motivation to quit? Give people more credit. I have no problems with smokers, so long as they don't do it around me.


I too am struggling how this hiding of the cigarettes is going to help smokers quit. Its just going to cause the opposite effect where more will probably take up smoking.


i just go an ask for cheapest smokes and whoever serves me becomes a drug dealer guess this might promote kickbacks from tobacco companies to push a particular brand you reckon?


Definitely don't smoke, but was brought up in a smoking household. Maybe thats why I hate it and have never done it. - being constantly surounded by it growing up. So bad for kids. I think making smoking something unpopular is a great idea...mainly to put off the younger generation taking it up. Smokers clog up our health system, anything that can be done to disuade smoking has to be good.

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