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I can not...always please everyone


I can not be negative. I have to be positive of what tomorrow will bring. There are a lot of things that I want NOW but I know in due time, everything that my heart desires will fall into place. One by one my dreams will come true. I have faith and it is what makes every day you look forward to.


I can not stand the hypocrites that are politicians.


I can not stand scammers, cheaters or users especially on social networks like Facebook..been there so many times I am now more aware


I can not stand liars!!! Really gets on my nervew.


Awesome thread! I can not get these soccer picks right, BUT IF WE ARE TALKING HEALTH AND FITNESS - i cannot stand neck hairs! but i havent shaved mine for ages


I cannot pick my nose with my elbow.


I cannot understand why women go to every shop and then return to the first one to buy something and men will just get what they want from the first shop.


I think that men are not as fussy as women when shopping and as long the store men are in sells what they want they buy and women shopping is all about being seen going in and out of stores and carrying store labelled carry bags.

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