Discussing :: How old is too old to have kids?


How old is too old to have kids?

I'm aware of the fact that if I had a child next year (which I'm hoping to do), that I'd be 65 when they turned 21. Is that too old? Should I can the whole idea? Some (semi serious, no names mentioned Fiona) response please...

If your knees aren't up for carpet time then don't think about having kids!


My wife and I were both 37 when we had our first, and will be 40 if we have another. Age doesn't matter to us, as long as you love and take care of them.


my friends dad fathered his most recent child at 70! kinda weird his oldest was 5ish years above me in school the girl i went to school with was 3rd in family and a few more in between


Well I had my first at 37 so I know all about carpet time. In fact I was escorted of the premises at Pak'n'Save just 4 months ago for impersonating Spiderman and climbing up to the top racks... my son was hugely impressed. The manager, not so much. I love that fatherhood has stopped me becoming old before my time, I love playing the idiot with my son. I'd love another.


its not age that matters, as long as you have the patience, the energy, the love and compassion for your kids, you are never too old to have them


I've informed the missus of your overwhelmingly positive feedback. She's informed me that a house has to come first. Fair enough.


I'm with everyone else here, do it. Your age doesn't matter, your ability to be a good father (and husband/partner) does. That fact that you even think about this is a pretty good sign. Good luck.


I think that as long as you are still able to play with your kids and run around after them when they are young then you aren't too old.


I think the age question maybe a tad more relevant for the other side. How old is too old for women, if adoption is not an option.


Ooh, that's a tough one. I'm now convinced (thanks to a bunch of almost strangers) that it's ok for me. But for women? God, I'd not be caught dead saying the gf was too old for anything!


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