Discussing :: How late should you eat in an evening?


I guess it depends on what time you go to bed! I like to eat before 7pm as I have to be in bed by 10pm.


Apparently 3 hours before you go to bed is best


I generally have tea around 6.30 and a snack at 8.30, bed around 10.30 but it doesn't seem to be doing me any harm. I don't wake up hungry which is good.


I try not to eat after 7pm. I read that this is the best time.


Never after 7 pm and never go to bed on a full stomach.


I have been told 3 hours before bed time is latest dependent on your goals?


Your body still needs fuel to repair when you sleep if you are an active person! Sure your metabolism slows down when u are at rest but you also need the proteins to repair from the days activities specially if you go to the gym or exercise after work. I always have something high in protein about half an hour before bed.


We eat between 6-6.30 and always eat as a Family.It is a way to catch up with what is happening in our lives..I could not last until 9.30 to eat I would be chomping the couch by then...and I always find that if I eat to late I get chronic indigestion all night.


I think the latest should be by 7:30/8pm... it means you still awake long enough for the food to digest and to have an uninterrupted sleep.... not healthy to go to bed right after a heavy meal plus your body doesnt work off what you eat so late.... with no activity afterwards.....


I think eat before 6pm. Then for supper just have a wee snack before bed.

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