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my wife and I have been eating later due to our 11 month old daughters routine of dinner, bath playtime and bed. Sometimes if we havnt been able to prepare dinner beforehand, its a 7:30-8:00 dinner. I dont mind the late dinners but we do tend to snack beforehand, Luckily its not bad food we snack on but sometimes the sweet tooth takes hold later on and multiple biscuits are gobbled with tea's or coffees


Hubby and I always eat around the 6 o├žlock news on telly as it is that only time we sit down and hear the news,


It's not good to eat a huge meal late in the evening, especially since most people are just sitting around most of the night and their metabolism isn't at its fastest. I have read that eating regular small meals is a good way to go, even if one of them is later in the evening.


We all know it's bad for you to eat too late in the evening, but eating early opens the door to temptation for that little bit of supper you just have to have before going to bed.


I try hard not to eat after 7pm, i don't feel that after that i am doing enough to burn off any unneccessary calories, plus going to bed on a full stomach does not feel so good.


I try and eat little and often. Never after 7pm. This way is better for your digestive system.


I have heard not after 7pm and around 5pm is the best time, unfortunately by time I get home from work it's almost impossible to have anything ready by 5pm let alone 7pm. Unfortunately I do have snacks after dinner, maybe I need to change my ways (-:


I try not to eat anything after 9ish, otherwise it affects my sleep.


I guess it would depend on when you normally go to bed, but I try not to eat anything after 7pm


We eat dinner around 6 or 7pm and I find that this means we don't snack after dinner if we eat at this time instead of earlier.Anyone else do this?

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