Discussing :: How late should you eat in an evening?


How late should you eat in an evening?

After sorting out kids and putting the washing on and a few other chores, we don't get to eat until about 9pm which I know is not great when you go to bed about 10.30.

this also sounds like me too , I try to eat when my three year old has his dinner around 5.30pm but most times am not hungry!


well i have to agree with you, eating late is not that great an idea, especially i imagine for your digestion system, its hard when you have a young family to take care of,i think it is quite important to sit down as a family and eat dinner together, i also have it on a my specialists advice (a Gastroenterologist) that eating early is a good idea, all do with the acids in the stomach etc.so my advice would be make it happen, a family meal together at night where you can chat with your kids,find out how their day went,not an easy task if you work during the day and need to catch up with things in the evening,hopefully in the weekends it is a little easier.


I'm told you shouldn't eat after 7pm but realistically this is NOT going to happen in our household on a work day! 8pm is probably a better target!


we try really hard to all have tea together at 7.. for me having to do 2 meals at separate times doesn't fit for us


I've always been told not to eat after 7pm, especially carbs - not that I listen to that but apparently you should never go to bed on a full tummy! maybe that is why my tummy is not so trim!


My theory is eat when you are hungry


I agree with the 7pm time frame, if you eat after this time your body does not properly digest the meal and this is why some people have weight troubles, etc. If kids are off to bed earlier, then ideally they should eat at an earlier time.


Depends on your culture, south Americans & Arabs eat very late, being a westerner i'd stick with 7-730pm


I usually eat dinner with the wife and kids at about 6 pm and often get hungry again by about 9.30 pm.


I generally stick to the good old rule of nothing after 7pm! Although, when I lost quite a bit of weight a few years back, I was having dinner at 5pm every night (and nothing after). But having dinner ready at 5 is impossible for me these days!


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