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Home made muesli is the best, you can tailor it to what you feel like, less oats, more coconut. I like to make my own as I hate too much fruit esp apricot. Love adding more nuts and seeds!


I don't really enjoy eating muesli and I will stick to the Weetbix thanks...no big and lumpy bits too...:)


There's nothing better than making your own museli at home, you add what you think tastes good and nothing else. :-)


Toasted Oats with dried fruits, nuts and seeds added, good nutrition without sugar added


Nothing can beat home made muesli, you know exactly what's in it, no 'E' numbers or additives. I find shopping at Bin Inn is great for all my muesli ingredients & they are so affordable. Muesli for breakfast certainly kicks my day into touch.


I've always been a muesli fan (for 25+ years) but the rock hard bits are worrying for my teeth. So starting to get back to weetbix and milk plus some fruit dried or whatever. Must be getting old!!!


Homemade muesli =The BEST!! You know exactly what it going in it, don't have the preservatives, colours etc... more people should do it.

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