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Home made museli

Any of you tried it? It's nice to have a 'hand' in what you eat. Especially if you like to try something a bit different and haven't done it before. I'm a fan of oats from apple crumble - not that a cereal will taste as good, but it can be close. Most recipes I came across had some honey mixed in with oats that were then put in the oven to cook before adding other stuff like dried fruit. The one I ended up trying however had no added sugar, some coconut, whole almonds (you can buy them chopped and this is recommended if you want smaller almonds), oats, dried apricots. One tip is to not put the fruit in till the end as you might end up with rock hard bits that don't taste nice! I think there are exceptions to this but just thought it was worth mentioning.


I have tried making homemade muesli before, it was pretty good. Used lots of nut and dried fruits, with oats and honey and some coconut. Home made meusli bars are good to make too as you can limit the amount off sugar used.


I do the same thing and have home made museli in the morning. I have a good base of cereal or oats and just add fresh banana, almond nuts, chocolate pieces, fresh grapes, fresh kiwifruit and fresh apple. No colouring, preservatives, sugar or salt added unlike store bought museli.


Home made muesli is great - no added sugars or preservatives. Can add banana, apricots, nuts, fruit. Delicious with yoghurt.


I have tried muesli and I would rather stick to other cereals like Weetbix, porridge etc...:)


I like muesli but prefer porridge with fruit and ground flaxseeds.


I make my own and it is the best??? can add whatever extras I have, with fresh stewed fruit a great start to the day, top with yoghurt SUPER, I LOOK FORWARD to MY BREAKFAST each day


I buy a basic muesli and then add lots of my favourite goodies to it (dried fruit, nuts etc)


I haven't tried home-made muesli, but I like to have store-bought muesli for breakfast. It would be great to put what you wanted into it.


the best of anything is home made - muesli made at home is much better - you know what is going in it that way

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