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Healthy takeout?

Living in a society on the go, what are the healthiest options for Takeout? I prefer subway (as I am under the illusion that all those salad fillers must be good for you) but don't really know what is best if trying to avoid empty calories. Any one out there got some decent suggestions on healthy fast food eating?

SUBWAY - would not try going to KFC or McDs for their so called healthy options as it is SOOO hard to resist the smells of the other bad takeout if you go there... I mean a grilled chicken green salad at KFC?? seriously who does this??


....have to agree with subbies....for takeout but usually go for the wrap option myself, at least you can choose what goes in it....or if I feel like Chinese usually go for a option that has way more veges......


Subway is the best if you aren't adding cheese or extrsa bacon ect. Thai food is also good as long it it's a stir fry with rice as the curries can be pretty fatty. I also go for sushi sometimes. That's prety good but not if you are having the chicken mayo ones. There are a few options but you have to be careful with what you choose.


currys are only fatty if you get a westerner curry - tikka masala or butter chicken /korma get a good vindaloo or tandoori in you and its all good. also i find local pizza places can be good a croatia crew have an epic pizza place in the nearest town to us and its so good more a european style pizza than a pizza hut add all the topings type. my theory is tho - we are only here for a short time sure we want to be the fittest strongest and healthiest we can but a little splurge now and again isnt going to hurt us,


Japanese food would be my pic, even just something from the sushi bar. Protein, carbs and you healthy - side it with a miso and you are set.

I'm with you on the sushi - I can't think of a healthier fast food option. I would stay away from Subway - that processed bread doesn't look very healthy to me.


Yeah, definitely sushi. I find it filling too, so I don't eat too much at once.


thing that always makes me laugh about sushi is the "bigger people" who go there cause its "healthy" and then get 2 jumbo trays and a large miso, can almost see them thinking - I eat healthy why is this weight not coming off

...I totally agree Jabes I know a guy from work who loves sushi and he tells us that's his healthy lunch option, because he is trying to eat more healthy and he does exactly what you said 2 of the largest tray servings and miso and an ice tea, he usually gets this at least 3 times a week for lunch suppose it doesn't help that the sushi place is on the same block as our office building....but them he starts making comments about how tight his clothes are getting, and he doesn't know why....because he is eating healthier.....lol....and does some exercise......we did hint to him to maybe cut down on his sushi during the week but he said know that isn't it because the foods all healthy I don't think he realised we were talking about the portion size.......


yeah thats my theory that there is no good or bad food, as even the worst foods are fine in the right proportion just its usually not as much as we want to eat, just like if you ate too much healthy or good food its going to cause you to gain weight too.


Home made fish and chips is easy to healthy up, just watch the portion size and have a big leafy salad on the side.


If I'm grabbing something on the run I like to get a vegetarian subway. It tastes great and I don't feel guilty as there is no meat or cholesterol.

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