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Gym Memberships - Legit or scam?

For the average person who aspires to a reasonable level of fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle, is gym membership a realistic option? Or would you be better off leaving the car at home and just running to the gym and back. Gym memberships have had a bad press recently - all those New Year Resolutioners who find it's not so easy to wriggle out of the contract once the novelty wears off. Are gyms just preying on the vulnerable, selling an impossible dream, like wrinkle cream manufacturers or those ads that suggest drinking spirits is 'sexy'. Your thoughts please.


I think there has to be a bit of both. As long as there are salespeople and special offers you'll find people being convinced that they should be stumping up the cash for a membership. If you've never really been regularly I'd ask about a casual rate first to see if you enjoy going. It might cost more in the short term but at least you'll know whether it's worth committing yourself, or even if you can.


I see alot of people trying to sell their leftover memberships lol Its all good when you are on that high and really want to get in there and do the work but for 80% of those people that is short lived. Its great for those people that keep at it as its a wonderful place to meet like minded people and make great friendships that keep you motivated. Not at all sure of pricings but my friend was a circuit trainer at Contours in Aus and she loved it. Now she runs our our groups here. We just make a gold donation lol and I prefer it that way myself. I think some places are over the top in pricing but if you can afford it and love it why not but if you cant there are always cheaper classes that run that are just as good.


I just joined a gym 3 weeks ago.. part of the process was they FULLY informed me of the T&C's.. highlighting the fact once I was signed up and passed the 28 day cancel point I was locked in to the term.. out of sense I signed for 3 months, happy to pay another $15 to extend once the 3 months expired if I chose.. I give top marks to Rampage Gym.. I know what I signed for, no hidden catches.. and yep maybe I wont get trim and extra fit in that time, but 3 months full access seemed a logical way to start rather than 12 or 24 month no out.


yeah the 2 local gyms have a weekly payment rate and no fixed term and you just have to give them 28 days notice to cancel membership or you can put it on hold for an indefinate time


The aim of gyms is to lighten you wallet not your body weight.

Absolutely true, but if you're canny you can still get a good deal.


Gym Memberships are great if you plan on using them all the time. But if you are a lazy bum like me who use them casually its a waste of money. Much better to invest in a pair of good trainers and go for a run around the block.


some of us dont have blocks haha hmm or maybe i do but i think its about a 30km round trip or close to that

Once round the block each day should sort you out good and proper then mate!

hmm found out i was lying our block is only 21.3km tho being round the waitakere ranges could be a decent work out

Lightweight. You'll have to go twice round!


It's all bs i got a txt from Tony Martins, "Free Gym Trial for 2 weeks" or trade that in for a years worth membership saving you over $500, its just another Gimmick they use to draw people in then you get pressured into buying the full years membership. All they want is your $$$$, even though you wont achieve much in the 2 weeks its ok to put on some muscles on the old guns lol,buy some weights, do crunches the free way, or just buy the Ab Circle Pro 2 haha (NOT).


I think it has to be a case of caveat emptor. If you're not strong enough to resist the charms of a well buffed gym bunny then steer clear.


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