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My gym membership is up for renewal as I pay yearly...however I probably only averaged attending once a week due to family and work commitments. Seems alot of money for a poor return on my part (not the gym), so I am thinking of setting up a home gym as I think I will get more use from this. Any recommendations for equipment?


My memberships only $7.00 per week, great value, i go 3 x times a week


A good cash income for gyms with people who dont turn up after joining for a 6 month or year contract. There should be a checkin system where they register every time you go to either give you a rebate if you dont go frequently, or a reminder how often you go to get you motivated to go, or even change to a per visit charge against your account. They wouldnt like this as they more 'no shows' for them the better.! A weekly charge is ideal, and if you dont go for a one week period no charge etc.

Yes, I like your thinking!


For some gyms there aren't contracts that lock you in - check out your options before you get locked into a membership that you don't use.


Such a rip off. There are so many other ways to exercise for free.


how about a bike and cycling past the gym!


Save your cash and run, cycle and swim instead.


I find it better to do exercises without equipment and home exercises and works out much cheaper!!! Go for a run!


I really loved our gym membership. and made frequent use of it. But they did not maintain the standards, and decided to play the background music at a level that you couldn't listen to your own music. I'm doing much better since we switched to running and biking.


I find if you are paying for gym you tend to go more, home gyms can just become a clothes house!!!! Make a better routine to go and be healthy.

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