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Put two or three Griffins ginger nuts in a zip lock bag. Smash 'em up with a rolling pin and sprinkle on vanilla ice-cream. YUM!

We do a similar thing with sweetened cream.

Grab a pack of gingernuts and whip up some cream and sweeten to taste. Spread the cream onto the biscuits and put the pack of gingernuts back together covered and smothered in the cream separating each individual biscuit.

Cover with foil and freeze... Instant frozen dessert... Seperate carefully with a hot knife. Family favourite goes well with fruit salads we always have it around Christmas time!


They are awesome. Especially love Macaroons.


Love Griffins.....chocolate chippies were a staple when I was a kid and now I love toffee pops and double chocolate mallowpuffs!


Stripes....meant to be for the kids but I love them...except after I devour too many all I can taste is salt and need to drink heaps of water. Never learn though....mmmmmmmmmmmm


i love the mint ones


I am a huge fan of griffins biscuits and so are my children, especially the choc macaroons and toffee pops these disappear as soon as the packet is opened.

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