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Griffins biscuits so yummy

You can still enjoy your favorite griffins biscuits. My favorite are Toffee pops I have them for my treats and then exercise so yes you can still have yummy biscuits to eat just do your walking after


I have to agree, toffee pops are awesome! if you chop them up and serve on top of vanilla icecream ,they are even better! :)


I love Chocoades. Kudos to the person who brought them back.


Griffins Biscuits and I go back a long time, I am not sure how many years but my first memories are when I was a child and biscuits of any brand were a luxury. These days with all the competition and all the advertising I find it a bit over the top. I stay with Griffins because they are value for money and they taste great, and they have a great range of biscuits and Snax.


Only thing is there doesn't seem to be as many in the packet and they seem to be smaller in size now. I wish companies wouldn't do this to their products - they should continue to give the same reliable goods as they have done in the past... anything to try and save a few pennies, sigh.


Griffins MallowPuffs are my favourites. I used to eat them all the time when I was a teenager. I loved how they combined a marshmellow on top of a biscuit and then covered it with chocolate.


Choc-o-ade are my favourite - I'm so glad they brought them back.


I can do a whole sleeve of Toffee Pops one is just never enough, I love them.


Love Love Love Double Choc Mellowpuffs...best biscuit ever made!!


Griffins are the best bikkies!!!!!! Have to hide them from the rest of the family!!!!


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