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Griffin's Biscuits

The healthiest snack you could probably have (cough!)... can't recommend enough of them.


Ibuy Griffins biscuits every time


My kids love the pink sprinkles bicuits!!! I love toffee pops, ohhhhh and mallow puffs!!! So yummy!!!


Toffee Pops are the family favourite. Have to buy a couple packs a week.


Mallow Puffs rock! I can eat a whole packet at once.


griffins make so many nice biscuits i can't choose so i end up buying 4 or more different types a week for the whanau


We used to get boxes of broken biscuits from the griffins factory when we were kids. They were super cheap and most of them were in all right nick!


Griffins have made so many new variteties nowadays. Like the collisions, bites and bringing back the chocoade. I love the mallowpuff and toffee pop collisions. Yeah, and they do bring back loads of childhood memories being brought up in New Zealand. Love it.


It's been Griffins all the way since I have been a kid. Love Macaroons, also the Mallowpuff but has anyone noticed they are not as puffy as they used to be? Or is it just my perception?


I can't think of a single Griffins biscuit that I don't like. I was sooooo happy when the brought back Chocoades. Love them and the Peppermint ones!!

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