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Getting a sweat on - the benefits of hot yoga

The benefits of yoga as part of an exercise and well-being regime are well recognised, but more and more people are singing the virtues of hot yoga. Has anyone given it a go? With the 'hot' version, the yoga class is held in a room heated to 37C - equivalent to a tropical island, but without the breeze. Benefits include detoxification, added flexibility and an elevated heart rate which makes the body work that much harder. It is supposed to be particularly beneficial for runners. After the Christmas bingeing season, this could be a good option. What do others think?


I think you'd definitely have to keep your fluids up doing exercise in that heat. Would be good for opening the pores though... similar to a sauna.


This already sounds exhausting


I've never tried yoga, maybe I should this year to mix it up!!! Not to sure about the hot tho!!!


I dont think i would be able to do normal yoga let along hot yoga!! I'd prefer not being in a room heated to 37 degrees...


I need to try Yoga soon.


I always used to think that it was girly but have found yoga to be great for flexibility and also breathing and slowing the heart rate down. Haven't tried hot yoga though. would love to try it if i was the only guy with all ladies in the room, sounds like it would be fun haha


Bikram is great was doing it for a few months back when I had more spare time. You have to go into class fully hydrated (drink up 1-2 hours before) because you lose fluids so quick and it goes for an hour and a half, if your not hydrated properly beforehand you might feel faint or be unable to complete the class. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to increase flexibility and lose weight but it's not for the faint hearted. You will hate it before you like it but you feel benefits so quick, it won't be long before you're a fan. Another bonus is you don't need previous yoga experience, it helps but it's not essential, if you get a good teacher you'll pick it up quick enough, it's the same postures every time. Prepare to rain sweat and feel awesome! :D


Undoubtedly yoga is one of the most effective exercises,I just love doing it.My muscles are so much use to it now and i feel comfortable while doing any workout, i suggest people who are trying to be fit this is one exercise which is really effective.


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