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Too, Look after a Dog properly takes a lot of work and lot money but you get a lot of love and attention in return.


I get stopped about every 5 meters with my dog. "Is that a dog?" "He's bigger than you" "How much does he eat?" "Can I have a photo with him?" Yeah... pretty sure we don't get much exercise. He likes the lazy laid back pace though... and the attention. I don't care as long as they don't try and force me into the photos.


A lot of people buy a dog to give them motivation to go for a walk. Unfortunately if your dog gets fat, you aren't getting enough exercise. What about those cold winter mornings and late evening taking your dog for it's walk, picking up a fresh "barkers nest" in a plastic bag (pooper scooper), it maybe the only way to keep your hands warm. Dogs have their place and job to do, best to have a large section for them to run around in. But l wonder what goes through their mind when they pee in the water bowl.

Dogs always give people a friendly greeting and a cold nose in the crotch is most effective especially for woman.


Tips For Pet Owners: Dogs maybe best? When a dog welcomes you, a kiss is not a real kiss unless it’s a wet one. Try to avoid the face though unless you are into that sort of thing, as they may have just been licking their bollocks or such. Don’t be lazy when it comes to picking up barkers nests otherwise you will be rewarded in full next time you mow the lawns. Nothing like a white dust cloud to make you gag. A cat’s greeting can be just as bad, they constantly lick parts of their body parts (even their 3rd eye) then want to rub their face on you. If they do great you they know it’s close to meal time otherwise they wouldn’t bother. Bear in mind the picking up of regurgitated fur balls and half eaten birds will be a man job. Rabbits are great pets for kids but they eat their raisins. To digest their food properly everything goes through a second time. We all know fish fuck in water and goldfish are no exception. Treat your pets with the respect they deserve, give them privacy when they are fornicating. Most of all, don’t drink the (fish) water & remember to wash your hands before your own meal time.


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