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Get a Dog!!!

Honestly buy a Dog they really motivate you to get out walking ever day......


Get a PERM!



Have a cat. Had a dog. Didn't walk anywhere. She left me.

...WingerGee they always do.....stay strong

That's why he got a minion... bless.

Don't worry WingerGee, if the cat comes back just let me know and I'll bring my German Shepherd (his name is Bear)around to sort it out. He loves cats.
However just don't tell Jason as Bear is in tip top condition (walked everyday) and he'll try to stir fry him up.


Getting a dog is a great idea if you want regular exercise. We overlook a river path and see so many people out walking there dogs.


yeah but its more than just so you can walk more, are you prepared to organise your holidays around having a dog? prepared to walk it even when its raining/cold/you have something better to do?

Very true. I also find that when you finally tire of walking the thing and eat it, you just put all the weight back on again...

didnt realise you were korean jason!

yeah their is way more to owning a dog then just taking him for a walk....and the costs can be extreme in some cases also....but they can be so great too....


Neither did I. I can tell you it's come as quite a shock.


another bonus of having a dog http://www.amazon.com/Knitting-Dog-Hair-Better-Sweater/dp/0312152906


We used to have two collies and I ALWAYS wanted to make a blanket from their hair. Unfortunately I didn't know anyone who spun so there was a missing link in my plan.

This is disturbing. I always wanted to have a jumper made from my dog Elsa's coat. Even collected carrier bags of the stuff (large, very molty alsatian cross). I too had trouble finding someone that could weave it. Business opportunity? Hmmm...

Yeah, see I could make the blanket (not a jumper though), just needed it made into yarn. THere are people I could pay to do it http://designerdogyarn.com/ but, well, I didn't.


Oh. My. God. There are even books on knitting with dog hair. Only in America. Jabes, were you aware of this or did you just discover it?

LOL in the US they take having pets to a totally new level....pet hotels, pet spas, designer clothing and therapists etc....lol


Dogs are great as a real dog (bigger than a rugby ball) protect you and their love is unconditional. Plus if they piss you off, unlike kids, you can kick them outside and forget about them.hence why they are big business. and it's not just in America as it's at least $15 per night to board a dog. not sure what cats do for you....apart from running away from my dog.

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